March 02, 2014


Sorry I am late lovely people. I hope you are all well and have had a relaxing weekend! As you may have noticed, this week I haven't been about much on twitter. Sometimes, I think it is so difficult to keep a constant online presence when you work full time away from your blog. As you might already know, I work with my family and this week, apart from being a man down, it has been mental. If only I could share the in's and outs of what we get up to with you but sadly I can't. Lets just say we have a rather large collection of high profile clients that are blooming demanding. A flower slave is what I am these days! 
On the upside, I am very lucky to have such a great support system, as I work with my family, we all support each other. Work isn't all doom and gloom. A day isn't normally without a few arguments and fits of hysteria whilst dancing around our studio to Happy by Pharell on repeat, just to keep the morale up! Jealous now aren't you! I am afraid I don't have alot of blog love this week, as I haven't had two minutes to myself to read or watch any beauty related goodness but I wanted to share with you a few different loves and shout outs to some special people!

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to a few fabulous bloggers who have made a difference to my week and certainly made me feel less alone, braver and have even made me crack a smile. To these lasses Steph from Nerd about Town, Vicki from Lets Talk Beauty, Joanna from Mademoiselle LaLa, Hayley from Tea Party Beauty and Faith from Music and Eyeliner, thank you for taking the time out of your day to chat to me even though I am a dreary so and so, when times have been tough. Your words mean the world to me.

In one word...Glee. Yes I said it and admitted it online for everyone to see! I am a huge fan of Glee! When you come home and your as shattered and blue as I have been feeling, Glee is always there to brighten your mood and give you that 'blah' TV that you need when your tired. Yes it is super cheesy and you have to be ready for someone to break out into song at every moment but that's the charm of it. I am gutted to have finally caught up to the TV airing of Glee now and boy oh boy that episode dedicated to Finn aka Cory Monteith had me in floods of tears! Not the best thing to do after a tough day but it kinda helped me let go of some built up stress. I would defo give it a go, if you are after some chill out TV and love a good sing along to some cheesy tunes!

This week, I have been working like a trooper. As a florist your hands are your tools. This means you hands therefore become f***** if you catch my drift! They become sore, dry and tired let alone my nails splitting and breaking. Sounds glamorous doesn't it. This week, hand cream has become my number one beauty product. My favourite this month is The Body Shop's Almond Hand and Nail Cream c/o. Bought as a Christmas gift from Jess, I am almost half way through this giant metal tube. This hand cream is extremely moisturising with ingredients such as Shea Butter, Sweet Almond oil and Brazil Nut oil. This of course makes the hand cream smell divine. My hands have been healing really quickly and they almost feel human again.
This week has been a tough one and without your support and my blog to escape to sometimes, I just don't know how I'd get through it. My life is a little hectic and I am still struggling to fight  with my own demons. I think for me, this weeks love has been believing in myself. I have been pushed to the limit at work and have created some things that I never thought I would be able to do. Sometimes you just have to get the job done, no matter how hard it may be and once you have done it, you can feel so proud, with a few aches and pains too! Keeping focused at work has been really good for my anxiety. It's hard not to get stressed out sometimes but I just have to think, I can do this, take 5 and get back on it. Next week is going to be just as tough but I have set myself some blog posts to write this evening, which I can't wait to share with you. I am hoping I won't have to cut down posting 4 times a week but bare with me peeps as I try to stay on track. Have a wonderful Sunday beautiful.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox
Ps. Thank you to all my new Bloglovin' followers, I can't believe I am almost at 350 followers! Amazing!


  1. Awww Becki I'm always on Twitter for a chat, beauty ramble and virtual hug! XOXO


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