March 19, 2014


Morning Folks. Oh yes be excited as coming your way today is a picture heavy, totally original and organised Muji storage extravaganza! OK well I bigg'ed that up a little but you know how secretly we all get way to over excited by some clear acrylic draws. 

I have wanted to post this up for quiet a while now but never managed to finish the post, as I have been so busy over the last few weeks. I am afraid you won't find a major makeup collection here, as to be honest I seem to stick to what I like. I don't actually buy that much make up, I cheat on make up with skincare but what I do have, I cherish. Sometimes I do wish I had the skills to create a perfectly unique face, with lots of different products but I tend to keep things simple and safe. So without further ado, let me introduce my make up hub.

On top, so to speak, I keep three special containers that hold my make up brushes. I keep all my fluffy powder and blush brushes in a special cup that my Grandma used to use, the second, holds my eye brushes, which also belonged to my Granny and the last hold my most used foundations. I like to recycle our Timothy Dunn London candle containers, well I can't bare to throw them away really. It seems pretty cliche now for bloggers to use their old Diptyque glass holders for make up brushes, so I like to keep things closer to home with our own. I also like to keep my most used perfumes on the top, easy access in the mornings.

My Muji storage of choice is the three draw acrylic unit. I picked these two, as it suited all my needs and fits lipsticks and palettes in, like a dream. As each draw is only approx 2 inches in deep, you can't fit in foundation bottles but most BB creams fit just perfectly. I prefer to keep my foundations upright most of the time in case they decide to leak sometimes. This storage unit is perfect for lipstick. They fit nice and snug and you can organise them easily to be on show from the outside.

As I am slightly OCD, I like to use each draw for a certain type of product, blush, eyes, lips etc, this way, I can find everything with ease and it also looks way too good on the eye. Shame I don't have rows upon rows of Mac lippies to showcase but I am sure ill get there one day #MakeupAddictInTheMaking. I hope you enjoyed my little beauty designated area and it might get you using a few bits and pieces from around your home mixed with some simple and clean storage ideas ready for spring. Have a wonderful day.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


  1. Love your pictures x

  2. Love it! I just got an acrylic desk organiser from John Lewis I'm loving but I need some drawers! Sadly we don't have muji up north but I'm pretty sure you can order online, I'm about to start measuring my urban decay eyeshadow pallete to see what drawer sizes I need !

    1. Amazing! They are super useful! No going back once youve bought one hehe xx


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