March 03, 2014


Morning Folks. Today I have decided to finally show my face. Since feeling like a hermit most of the time and taking LLP into solo territory, I have been petrified to get my pale wintry facey out of the corner of my bedroom and show the world! What better way to show my first outing, than with my favourite red lippie of all time, Mac Cosmetics Ruby Woo.

I have forever been a Mac Ruby Woo gal since this lippie made it's way into my loving and welcoming hands! Actually bought for me, by wifey and best friend, she knew, as a lover of all things vintage, that I would adore this lipstick. Ruby Woo is a beautiful, sexy matte blue-toned red lipstick that looks gorgeous with simple make up. I adore matte lipsticks and for years I couldn't bare to wear a glossy lip. 

I wouldn't lie to you folks but this winter, Ruby Woo has been collecting a bit of dust. I have found myself reaching for moisturising lipsticks more so that Ruby Woo's mattifying finish, as it is extremely drying on the lips. Ruby Woo, tends to cling to any dry bits of skin on your lips, which for most of the year this isn't too much of a problem, as it is the look and colour that I crave but in Winter, my lips fall to pieces. As we are now moving closer and closer to Spring time and that season now too far into the distant future - Summer, I can't wait to rock some cute printed vintage dresses and get this lippie out of hibernation. 

Now 'do you need to be confident to wear a red lip?'- I say go for it girls. I am the least confident bean at the moment and there is nothing more uplifting than a great lipstick. Red for me compliments my pale skin tone and takes me back to the 1950s where glamorous Hollywood movie stars wouldn't be seen without one. As I go without makeup most days of the week, when I do finally get my face on, Mac's Ruby Woo is always the lippie that boosts my confidence and makes me finally feel beautiful even if I am just sitting at my laptop blogging away to myself. Ruby Woo is a serious pop of colour and it is a lipstick that will make you stand out from the crowd but ladies, as long as you feel amazing and gorgeous who cares what the world thinks. I say stare away peeps!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Beautiful! :D x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you megan :) Its the lippie that does all the work! xx

  3. It looks gorgeous on you, GORGEOUS! You are so pretty! :)

    1. Oh you! Thank you honey your making me blush! xx

  4. This looks so pretty on you! I love wearing brighter lipsticks, but I don't wear them often as I'd look very out of place and over done at my place of work! I might have to sneak this into my collection!

    1. Thank you! Oh you gotta go for it Carly, I dont wear make up to work but when I can on the weekend I keep my makeup minimal and wear a pop lip :) xxx


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