April 01, 2014


Since deciding to keep my long locks, I have been trying my very best to look after my hair. As i haven't had my hair cut for almost as year now (blame my anxiety) I have been trying out lots of new products from the drugstore that help me create the hair I want, without forcing myself to get down to the hairdressers. One brand that I have been very impressed by, who provide affordable haircare along with a product range that has something for everyone is John Freida.

My hair is very fine but i have alot of it. I have found as my hair has got longer and longer, it too, gets flatter and flatter at the roots. This is where my first find comes in, John Freida Luxurious Volume Dry Shampoo c/o. I love dry shampoo, for those days where you need a quick fix or just need a bit of volume. This dry shampoo does just this. It adds volume without having to use too much of the product and unlike most dry shampoos I have tried, this product doesn't leave any nasty white powder on your hair. You can massage it in and your ready to go.  The dry shampoo itself has a clean fresh scent which is slightly ozonic, perfect for Spring and Summer. As this product is specifically for fine hair, I find it's light fine spray doesn't weigh down your hair by the end of the day, like most do. At a great price of just under £6, this spray is worth the money, as it has lasted and gets my hair looking shiny with no fuss.

Another huge problem I have, which is why hairdressers are forever saying come back in a few months for a trim, is because your hair gets split ends and becomes scraggly and weak at the ends. My ends are weaker than weak at the moment and I also have home ombre'd my hair. I bet I am sounding like a hairdressers nightmare right now but I am only going to share the truth lovely readers. John Frieda Full Repair range is for you, if you sound like you have similar hair dramas. This range helps to repair dry or damaged hair aka moi! This product especially, John Frieda's Full Repair - Repairing Oil Elixir c/o is with investing in. This deep conditioning oil can be used on dry and wet hair, which is a bonus and it's scent is a winner with me. The oil itself is a medium consistency. It isn't runny or thick, it's just perfect to rub all over the hair without weighing down or making it greasy. I love to add a few pumps to my ends after blow drying, as it adds a beautiful light fragrance and an amazing shine. I am not sure if it has really repaired my hair in the long run but in terms of instant affects it smooths, hydrates and seals the hair. For the price, just under a tenner, you get alot of oil for your money and you only need a few pumps on each use, it will last you for years. 

Do you have any favourites from John Freida? Do you have any recommendations for my hair dramas?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Oh, these two look so nice! I´ve never tried anthing from John Frieda, I have terrible ends on my hair, too. I´d like to do raw almond oil hair treatment. My hair looks sooooo much nicer after I do this once a week.:-)


    1. I would certainly recommend their repair range. I am using it now for dry hair, will blog about it in the next few weeks :) xx

  2. I like the sound of the dry shampoo. :)



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