April 12, 2014


When you are offered to join a beauty swap, I always think- well how can you resist. The thought of shopping for a fellow beauty blogger, any excuse to go shopping and then for the postman to deliver you a package to brighten your day filled with unknown beauty products- perfect isn't it? I was lucky enough to join the beautiful Kat's beauty box swap, where we were paired up, introduced and bobs your uncle a box of goodies landed on my door step. I was extremely lucky to be paired with an incredible beauty blogger from Slovenia, Ziva from Nothin' Fancy. Really. This girl has serious talent. Her blog is to die for and she is a source of inspiration. For any beauty lass, add her to your reading list asap. Ziva has in fact already given her readers a teaser of what I bought her if you fancy having a read. Find the post HERE. 

Exchanging a few emails back and forth, I think Ziva and I bonded straight away and got to know each other really quickly. With a requests from Ziva, I was rather unsure of anything that I really wanted to receive, I like to be surprised. And that is just what Ziva did for me. With a reasonable budget, big enough to pick up some fab products, we hit the shops and this is what my box contained. Ziva spoilt me with six fab buys...

The most exciting thing in the box for me was in fact something that was complete unexpected and the most useful! It was a cute little acrylic container for lipsticks. I have always wanted one of these and now I have one!! I immediately popped nine lippes in the container and placed it pride of place on my dressing table.

Next up is a rather fancy Phyto PhytoVolume Actif Volumizer Spray for Fine hair, which is what I need and have in a nut shell. This spray you use whilst your hair is wet, to give volume and vitality to limp fine hair. The spray itself is super fine and it's mister is perfect for covering your whole head. The scent smells juts like you have walked out of the hairdressers. What more can I ask for.

A product that I was a tad unsure how to use at first was Lavera Basis Sensitiv Waschgel, which once I had a little Google, all was explained. This product is a gel cleanser made of 100% natural ingredients. With organic lemon balm, its scent is uplifting and refreshing. The texture of the gel is like nothing I have tried before. Its quite watery but once you add a touch of water, it starts to foam and turns into a light softening cleanser. I must say, I have never been a foaming cleanser gal but the fact this is made from natural ingredients, makes me think less of a squeaky face aka fairy liquid and more a gentle cleanse. I don't think I'll be using this everyday, as you know I am a skincare snob these days but I really enjoyed trying something new and from a brand that I had never seen before. ( note to self- I did in fact spot this brand in Planet Organic last week after I had finished this post!)

Was I the only lass who doesn't own one of the Maybelline 24hour Color Tattoo eye shadows? Well if I was, I am not any more. Thanks to Ziva, I now have a gorgeous warm rose gold gel-cream eye shadow. The shade Ziva picked for me is called Pink Gold, which I haven't actually been able to find on a UK website but it is very similar to Eternal Pink. I have to still play around with this but I shall report back folks.

Last but not least, were two glittery stunners. I must say I was so annoyed that in the UK we can't send nail polish via Mail, as there are so many amazing brands that I wanted Ziva to try but I guess I have to think that I am lucky that Ziva send me two to try. The pretty glittery pink from Catrice Cosmetic in Kitch Me If You Can and OPI I Snow You Love Me, which is a clear polish with chunky iridescent sequins in it, are both effect top coats that look gorgeous over any colour for any occasion. Of course, if you use to much, kit is pain to get off but for the effect they look fab.

Thank you again Ziva for this swap, I would love to do another one soon! 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. You got some amazing stuff Becki! I love the look and the name of this OPI nail polish! X


    1. Thanks honey, I was pretty damn impressed! I just wish we could send more items from the uk! xx

  2. you got some great things, everything looks lovely xx

  3. What a fantastic beauty swap! I especially love the sound of that Volumizer Spray - definitely need to try something like that myself because my hair is super fine.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick


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