April 26, 2014


Welcome to the final part of my mini skin care series The Replacements. This one is probably my most exciting post to publish, as it contains one of my most searched for beauty products on Life Looks Perfect. It comes as no surprise that we all have a soft spot for Mrs Hirons. Although I don't know her personally, even though we did do her wedding flowers many moons ago, she is the most trusted skin care expert in the blogging community and we all owe her so much. 

Now as soon as I started creating my own personal skincare routine back in 2012 before Life Looks Perfect, I have to say that most of my skincare choices were down to Caroline. But not until late last year, I started to feel like I really found a good set of products that not only worked for me but made huge difference to my complexion and skin. One of the products that I owe a lot to is the introduction of an exfoliating  toner into my routine *bows to Caroline*.

With the stampede to get your hands on Caroline's stamp of approval, the holy grail Pixi Glow Tonic, I have to say I was one of them. Luckily stumbling into the shop on delivery day, I was one of the first to get my hands on a new batch of this sold out phenomenon. When I got home with this bottle, I noticed something rather suspicious with my bottle, it looked almost diluted in comparison to many I had seen on blogs previous but hey I still gave it a go. To start, my skin didn't react badly to this bottle of goodness, with skin loving ingredients such as Ginseng, witch hazel, aloe Vera and glycolic this toner helps to exfoliate and firm the skin. A list of ingredients that for £16 you can't go wrong. You can read my rather old skincare post HERE about my first impressions. 

As I have been using the glow tonic for over 3 months on it's own, I felt my skin needed a bit of a mix up, just because I couldn't see much of a difference in my complexion any more. I think after a few months I always like to have a re-jig of my skincare shelf, as sometimes my skin tends to get too used to products and I don't tend to notice any difference in my skin. So I asked for Christmas another Caroline Hirons recommendation Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner c/o to pop into my routine.

Only using this toner a few times a week at night, this toner is one of the very few products that after one use I could see and feel a difference in my skin. Always a bold statement I think! This toner does contain alcohol which is usually a big no no for me but as Caroline states it is counteracted by the glycerin, which doesn't leave your skin feeling dry after use. Instead it feels extremely smooth and very soft. I like to use this toner on a cotton pad and lightly wipe all over my face. Then I leave the product to get to work on my skin for a minute or so. After I apply the rest of my routine on a perfectly prep'ed base. Clarins toner does contain glycolic, salicylic and tartaric acid but only a small amount so I didn't experience any tingling or reaction to this formula. It would be perfect for sensitive skin.

I think in terms of replacement, I am looking to purchase more of Pixi's glow tonic just to see if a new batch might be better than my last, as I do suspect that my version might have been weaker than if should have been. With Clarins exfoliating toner and Pixi glow tonic I can imagine my skin will be in tip top shape! 

Do you use an exfoliating toner? What's your favourite? 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I have to admit I have been debating splashing out on Pixie Glow Tonic as everyone raves about it on the blogs I have read x

    1. I think do it! I am so happy to have bought a exfoliating toner but right now the clarins one has been my hero xx

  2. Oh my love, now I'm just going to have to try it! I've been looking at Glow Tonic, but haven't bought it yet, but Clarins was my 2nd choice.
    I've been using the REN clarifying toner (another Ms Hirons rec!) and it's lovely, but I don't know if it does *enough* if you know what I mean?

    I feel a Clarins purchase coming on. I used to love that green toner of theirs (whatever it was haha)

    Faith xx

    1. Hehe do it! It really keeps my skin soft and looking fresh! I adore Ren and didnt know about this one, well thats going on my wish list, sometimes your skin just gets too 'used' to products so it might not be as effective. Maybe try mixing it up with the clarins one a few times a week? xx

  3. I love the Pixi Toner too & I'm in need of a new bottle but I am always tempted by the Clarins one too. Might have to treat myself to both

    1. I think you defo had a better experience than me with pixi as mine was defo a weakened version as I didnt feel a thing, which is strange when it contains so much acid xx

  4. I've been using the exfoliating toner from La Roche Posay but both of these are on my wishlist. I think I might pick up the Clarins one when payday comes!
    Laura x FloraLoo Two

  5. I love the Clarins one x


    1. Its Amazing! I think its so gentle and really makes a difference to my skin xx


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