April 13, 2014


So where do I even start this week. I think I have made some of the biggest and most exciting decisions of my life. If you don't follow me over on my social media channels you may not have seen that Jess and I have bought a new apartment!! Yes as I type I am thinking that sounds very scary, way to much like what 'adults' say and well the home of a giant never ending sleepover. It is something that Jess and I have only just decided to do and the buying bit only really became an option due to our wonderful parents taking the plunge to help us out. As much as I know many people will think, why aren't you buying with your boyfriend or why aren't you going to live together anymore, as it may seem like a step backwards but I think my simple answer is that Jess and I spend 95% of our time together, she is my rock and I love her so much, I just couldn't imagine me buying a place right now with anyone apart from her. I know she sure ain't going anywhere and my life wouldn't be half as much fun without her #sisterlove! It just feels right. Oh and of course I couldn't let Arnie leave me hehe!

Not only has it been a week of big decisions but I have also made some huge steps in the right direction with my own personal mental health. Anxiety destroys your life. I think only if you have truly experienced how damaging it can be, you can understand how devastating and upsetting it can be for yourself but also to the people around you. With a huge shout out to the wonderful Joanna, who I don't believe I could have done the things I have done over the last few weeks without her friendly smile, her understanding and caring aura, I have managed to attend a few blog events. These events although not vital for every blogger, they have allowed me to come out of my shell, be myself and meet fellow like minded ladies who love the same things I do. Just to be able to talk about skincare, without someone yawning aka the boy or just chatting away about life's problems, has never felt more natural and I feel like I am finally on the right track. Lets hope all this positivity stays and being a 24 year old young lady, who still acts like I'm 12, keeps going strong.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Becki I am now completely red on my face. Thank you so much for all those kind words, but you did it all! So proud of you! And congrats on the flat!!! X


    1. Thank you honey! even just taking the time to talk and be there for me means the world! xx

  2. Yay, congratulations on getting a flat!! That's amazing, and so exciting! I wouldn't let that gorgeous Arnie leave me either, he's so cute!! I am hopefully buying a house with my boyfriend very soon too! When and where though is another problem entirely, haha!


    1. that is so exciting!! Its tough as everywhere is so expensive these days! All i can say is watch out for all those hidden charges especially stamp duty!! xx


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