April 20, 2014


Happy Easter Folks! As you will know if you are a regular reader of Life Looks Perfect, I like to keep my Sunday post as an ode to my little life. I think if I had more time and wasn't such a hermit, lifestyle posts would be something that I would like to regularly write. Sometimes, like most, I just don't have much to write about. I mean would you want to hear me moaning about my how shitty my week has been suck with a cold or how Pretty Little Liars had me up into the wee hours of Friday Night?? If yes then I think we are going to get along! 

As this week has been dedicated to trying to heal the lurgy, I haven't had much time to go and do things or even blog. Just spending hours in bed watching TV and coughing my heart out, means I have had lots of time to think about where I am with Life Looks Perfect. Over the past few months, I feel I am really finding my love for blogging again and I adore hearing your feedback through commenting, tweeting and all things social media. I have to admit, since joining the IPhone clan I have certainly become a tad addicted to Instagram. It's just so addictive and slightly more stalker-ish than twitter! I hope I am making a better presence on these platforms and hopefully sharing a bit more of my life with my readers is something you enjoy.

As most of you will know, working full time really takes it toil and whilst I have been ill this week, it has made me consider maybe scrapping my Sunday Love series, just as I have been struggling to keep up! As I am sitting here thinking what the hell can I say that's interesting and the only thing I can think of is the multi-coloured crap that's coming out ofmy nose! Yep definitely not going there lol! I was thinking maybe switching up this lifestyle post up, maybe sharing somewhere I have been? Something I have seen or just make it purely a photography style post. I just don't want it to become stale and you get bored of reading it or worst of all, it becomes something I hate writing. 

This week I thought I would take a risk and share a few photographs that I took last Sunday, before the lurgy struck, when I visited the Tate Britain on my lonesome. For me, I love my own company and a day at a gallery is bliss. I just pop on my headphones, jump on the tube and it whisks me off into my favourite type of spaces, creative spaces. I also couldn't help but photograph these incredible trees, which must have just been cut ready for Spring. They looked so strange and the shadows they created on the road were incredible.

These few snaps are just some random images that inspire me and are one of the reasons why I love photography and what you can capture. I hope you have had wonderful Easter & enjoy the extra day off! I know I will be tucked up in bedies for most of it.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I haven't been in Tate in years! I am more old-school National Gallery kind of girl, lol, but I need to go soon! I love the shapes of these trees - maybe re-visit them in a few weeks and take snaps in bloom? X


    1. Oh i adore the tate, I go to the Tate Britain so it has all your old school style art there :) They are amazing arent they. I would love to see them all bushy and green! xx

  2. oooh these photos are lovely! :) digging all the interesting shadows!

    1. Hehe I know they are amazing aren't they! Couldn't not snap snap away xx


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