April 19, 2014


May I just introduce a little guest for you on this blog post. If you hadn't guessed it's is my lovely sister Jessica, who although you can't see her beautiful face on this post, she has kindly given me a hand at testing one of these fresh face masks, as I thought it was nice to have a second opinion. I was lucky enough to be surprised one afternoon by John, with these two Lush delights and I hadn't in fact used either of these masks before. I was excited to give them a go and once I had roped in my other half, Jess, as a second tester, we were set for a night of pampering! For this we picked Oatfix c/o, which is the first mask up for review.

In terms of any skincare concerns, both Jess and I have normal/ dry skin, with mine being slightly oily down my t-zone now and again, along with it being more sensitive than Jess'. We both suffer with outbreaks but at the moment our skin is looking pretty darn good and spot free (makes a change!). 

Oatfix is one of Lush's Fresh Face Masks that have a shelf life of just a few weeks, as it is jam packed with fresh ingredients that has to be kept in the fridge. This mask helps to cleanse, sooth and hydrate the skin with its blend of bananas, vanilla and oats. This nourishing blend also contains Illipe butter that is a rich butter with 50% fat that is made from the nuts from the Illipe tree which helps to restore the skin. 

Jess- It smells like salty play dough and felt slightly itchy on the skin. It's thick and sticky application is a slight problem as it does tend to fall of your skin as you apply. It feels quite heavy on your skin but cooling too. I think it is best to lay down and take 5 when you have applied the mask, as bits of it literally fall off *as she eats some*. Oh and it tastes like gingerbread! The mask is quite hard to get out of the hair line but it's silky as you wash it of and it starts to exfoliate the skin. After use, my skin looks youthful and dewy.

Becki- I love this mask. It is soothing, cool but very tricky to apply. I just had to leave my bathroom with a Oatfix covered floor! The mask smells of oats, which is lucky as I can't stand the smell of banana, it's my worst nightmare!!! If I have to be honest, it does slightly remind of baby vom once it is applied but as always don't judge a book by its cover!  On a more positive note, this mask is really hydrating and hasn't irritated my skin at all, which for my slightly dehydrated skin has been a great addiction and mini pamper to my week. My skin feels like silk!

Well if this mask isn't suited for Easter, I'm not sure what could be any better! A chocolate lovers delight and certainly an indulgence for our faces. This mask, if you hadn't guessed is made with Cocoa Powder and Rhassoul mad, to help draw out the oil in your skin and cleanse away any impurities lurking in your pores. With ingredients suited for a more troubled skin, ingredients such as fresh mint helps tone, linseed and cocoa butter moisturisers, as although we don't always want oily skin, we also don't want to dry the skin out. 

Becki- This mask is a real treat. Apart from wanting to eat it, as it smells like Mint choc chip, the mask is so soothing and cooling after a tired day at work. The mask itself didn't make a huge difference to my skin, as well really, it hasn't been very oily or troublesome at the moment. It did however bring out a few unknown spots of me the next day, which although may seem bad, I don't mind as sometimes, they might be hidden for a few days and then pop out to say hello, when really id rather just get them out quickly! In terms of how my skin felt after, I would say it left my skin very soft and smooth. As I was rather intrigued how well this mask worked on oily skin, I road tested this on two of my besties who have oily skin and they were really surprised how softening and glowing their skin looked after. It certainly drew out alot of the access oils in their skin  and they would certainly invest in this treatment once a week.

What are your favourite masks from Lush? Any recommendations for me?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I love the cupcake mask too :) Its a very refreshing mask! I would love to try love lettuce and oatfix :)

    - Chaitra | PinkPot

    1. Its so nice and really cleared up my friends skin! Like a mini miracle! xx

  2. Both sound quite lovely! I'd like to try both of them, as well as the Catastrophe Cosmetics mask. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    1. I think you have to try Brazened Honey thats still my favourite! Although this Oatfix swayed me xx

  3. I recently sampled Oatifix and another one called BB Seaweed (you can read my thoughts on my blog if you fancy popping over!). I agree with what you've said about Oatifix - it was lovely, if a little tricky to apply, but my skin felt really exfoliated. I adored BB Seaweed though - so relaxing and soothing and just perfect! I really want to try some of the others too (I tried Cupcake a few years back) and I think it's time I went and bought a whole pot for myself!

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

    1. Oh I havent tried BB seaweed, I might have to go and pick it up. I have my 5 pots now so can get my free mask :) xx


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