April 17, 2014


Spring is by far my favourite month of the year. Sometimes we can be graced with amazing sunshine or horrendous downpours so ones handbag needs to be rather accommodating. I am a bag lady and I'm not afraid to admit it! I love big bulky designer bags that are way to heavy and filled with way to much crap. That's the life of a gal right?? 

This spring I have been attempting to downsize now and again, especially on a night out, a simple clutch has been my go to bag. This "What's in my bag" is somewhere in between I think, with what I would take out with me in the day and the night. The clutch itself in this picture is one I picked up in TK Maxx last year for a bargain price of £7. It's unusual green laser cut design is gorgeous and it always looks great in the sunshine.

Of course what girl wouldn't go around without her beauty must haves. For me this includes the basics. I have to have an antibacterial gel on me these days, as my anxiety is heightened by illness, I have become a tad OCD about keeping my hands clean, which is a must have for any Londoner. I like the Carex Aloe Vera gel as it's scent isn't too chemically and it feels refreshing on the skin. Next up is a must when I am at work and a basic for every working gal, a Dove compressed deodorant. The new mini compressed versions are hand bag friendly and last just as long a normal larger size product. Then it's to the holy grail lip balm, Nuxe Reve de Miel c/o, which I now can't go anywhere without. 

A new addiction to my handbag which is brand new for SS14 is Murad Essential - C Sun Balm c/o. This balm I will write a full review for as I think it is one of the most exciting sun protection products that I have seen for a long time but for now all you need to know is this little face balm is a sun protector, shielding  your skin from ageing UVA and UVB rays, free radicals and dehydration. In a nut shell this sun balm now comes everywhere with me and it's something that every sun lover needs in their pocket. Review to come soon! 

A few more bits include my anxiety calmer's, This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less roller ball c/o and my endless supply of Polo's. I don't know why it works but it works for me! As my nails have been suffering a little at work, I tend to keep my sample size of CND's Solar Oil in my bag, which I just pop on throughout the day. As you will know, I don't tend to wear any make up during the day at work, so all I keep in my bag sometimes on a night out is a lippy.

Of course to finish, as its Easter this weekend, you've got to have some Mini Eggs. I'm not sure if these are only available in the UK but oh man they are my chocolate addiction at the moment and I have bags and bags of them stocked up in my cupboard. Of course this one is a mini travel sized packet perfect for my handbag. 

What are your Spring handbag must haves? Have a lovely day off tomorrow folks!!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Comparing with mine: Ray Ban - check, Murad - check, Mini Eggs - check, Nuxe Lip Balm - check :) X

  2. Ha ha loved the mini eggs essential part of a handbag xx

    Libertylovesmakeup.blogspot.com xx


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