May 08, 2014


It's no secret, I'm a skincare addict. If your a regular reader, you will no 50% of my content is always skincare related. Not that this is a bad thing but I would love to write about other elements to beauty than just skincare, as realistically I am no expert, I just have a mild addiction. This post might just explain all. Collected since the start of the year, which is not that unrealistic, are my empties. I always like to write these posts and read them as it always shows what you really use up and your final thoughts on the product. With most of these products I have already written an in depth review about them, so I thought I would just write a final word about them and if I would repurchase the product again. If you are interested in reading more I have hyperlinked in my reviews on each of the names of the products. Enjoy!

I miss this moisturiser. Some weeks, my skin is unhappy. We all get them and it always tends to be around 'the time of the month' so I blame it on the hormones. This moisturiser is great at keeping your skin balanced and keeping any excess oil at bay. I would certainly repurchase and recommend this!

Who doesn't love a Lush lip scrub!!? I sadly dropped mine down the toilet last month and I miss it so much. I would certainly replace but I might try a new flavour, maybe Popcorn!

This sadly was a limited edition at Christmas and I was surprised how much I loved using it that it went so quickly! I would have repurchased this if I could have. Please bring it back Lush!

I have only just written once again how much me and this baby gets on. Its such a lovely, gentle cleanser that since I used it all up, I have missed it in my routine. I have been using Ren's latest Hot Cloth Cleanser but for me I would always go back to Hydra Calm (now called Ever Calm- confusing!!)

I cant even remember how many times I have repurchased this micellar water. I am now trying the famous Bioderma Micellar water and I have to admit, it just isn't as nice as this one. This water, feels extremely gentle and softening on the skin and its scent is uplifting and delicate. I would certainly repurchase this water, if only I had asked for it for my Birthday!

This moisturiser I used up earlier in the year and for some reason it went really quickly. I didn't notice any dramatic difference in my skin when I used this, which is a shame but it did make a nice day moisturiser. Not to heavy or greasy for my skin, just perfectly hydrating for the Winter months. I don't think I would repurchase this again, as I think there are plenty of cheaper alternatives.

Again another moisturiser that seemed to have disappeared too quickly! This moisturiser was a smaller size than you can buy, which might explain hehe. I enjoyed using this cream as like it name suggests, it really did brighten my skin. Its light silky texture melted quickly into my skin without any oily residue. Instead a radiant and supple complexion. Would certainly repurchase.

Already repurchased by John for my Birthday!! Doesn't that say it all! I love it!

Steamcream c/o 
I had a mixed love affair with this cream, as at the time I was using it, I didn't really use it for all its multipurpose uses, I just used it on my body. As a body cream, it was light, delicately scented and hydrated my skin perfectly against the cold Winter months. I would buy this again for sure.

If you didn't read my comparison review of both this cream and Steamcream, it might be worth a read. I was so shocked after using Steamcream to find Dreamcream literally including pretty much  the exact same ingredients! I couldn't really tell them apart to be honest. I love Dreamcream just the same as Steamcream and again I would repurchase.

Like many hydrating toners, I find them all pretty similar. I still haven't found the one yet and this toner was pretty average. I did enjoy using it but it was more of a wake me up toner, which really I could do with just a splash of water. Wouldn' repurchase this in full size but that's the fab thing about samples. Try before you buy.

Now this is a fabulous mask. Despite the fact it smells like olives, one of my pet hates, this mask helps cleanse and purify. It makes such a lovely pamper night mask, as it is cooling and hydrating. I always recommend this mask to my friends and I would repurchase.

Used as a little extra something for my skin, this extra layer in my routine helps to give radiance and hydration. I only used this when my skin was feeling tight or looking a little lack-less. I would repurchase.

A very expensive treatment to help combat acne, I was lucky enough to give this a go when my skin was looking worse for wear. It was a great exfoliating toner and helped keep my skin balanced and clear from breakouts. Right now there is no way that I can afford these but I would recommend them for sure.

A product that was all the craze a few months ago. I bought into the hype and gave it a whirl myself. As a serum, I think it makes a great day time serum to which my moisturiser just melts into. I did repurchase this already.

 This moisturiser has been put straight at the top of my wish list and folks, you really should give it a try. It gave my skin luminosity and really helped clear my skin up ready for Spring. I can't wait to buy this soon!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I absolutely love the Korres Wild Rose moisturiser, and their body butters too! The REN cleanser sounds really lovely.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

    1. Literally anything Korres make, I have been in heaven xx

  2. Hydraluron is incredible and not too overpriced either, especially when I catch it on sale. I have my eyes on the REN cleanser along with several other REN products. Can't wait to give them a go. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    1. Oh yes, when it is on sale, its the best! Ren is always my go to brand. I have never been disappointed with any product I have bought from them xx


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