May 13, 2014


The perks of finally getting my ass out of the house has been making it to new launches and events up in town. It is amazing living in London as I can just pop on the tube for 20 minutes and explore streets I may have never walked down or enter places I have only ever walked passed. One brand new launch that i had the pleasure of attending was from one of my much loved organic french go to brands, Melvita. With two exciting ranges launching later on in the year, I had to share with you three bits that just begin to share with you how fantastic this brand is. 

Starting with a new anti-ageing range launching in September 2014, meet Melvita's Bio-Excellence Naturalift collection. With a brand new patented bud complex, which in simple terms, is a a complex blend of Pine, Beech, Blackcurrant and Raspberry that helps to firm and smooth the skin, this collection as you can imagine smells like a refreshing smoothie.

The collection will include Youthful Eye Contour, a light eye cream that brightens and helps to reduce dark circles (£29.50, 15ml) , a Youthful day and night cream (£36, £38, 40ml) along with a Youthful serum that plumps and refreshes the face (£39, 30ml). For me the star of the show at the event had to be the Youthful Extraordinary Water (£22, 100ml) that wasn't even fully finished in it's final packaging it was just a sample. I was lucky I even go to try it and it was unlike anything I had tried before. It's texture was something I noticed straight away. It was almost like a light serum but with a gel like texture. The water is filled with Hyaluronic acid and organic glycerin and of course the patented bud complex to leave the skin feeling hydrated, firm and plump just before popping on your serum and moisturiser. It truly was beautiful and it hydrated my hand instantly. Of course I couldn't sneak a sample of this away, as it was literally just a sample but the product I have with me here the Youthful Day Cream (£36, 40ml) c/o is lovely. Now I can really smell the gorgeous sweet berry complex. Its a light cream that sinks straight into the skin with a delicate radiance finish. Even just typing here, as I have just sampled it on my hand again, it seems to blur any imperfections and makes your skin radiant and smooth. Although I was told this range is best suited for over 25, I think it is a lovely collection for all skin types and I would rather get started early!

The next collection that is launching in June 2014, is something suited for my skin, that helps tackle the first signs of ageing (eeekkk! I said ageing!), meet Melvita's new Plumping Rose collection. Designed using a blend wild rose petals with rose hip, the vitamin enriched fruit of the rose, together they create a perfect cocktail to plump and restore your skins radiance. The range is made up of a Plumping Radiance serum (£34, 30ml) to help tone and firm, Plumping Radiance cream (£30, 40ml) and  the star of the show the Plumping Radiance duo (£25, 50ml). With Caroline Hiron's sign of approval, the Plumping Radiance duo is a beautifully delicate bi-phase formula that brings together rose hip oil, wild rose petals, the fruit of the rose and Damask rose floral water to create a smoothing and radiant blend, which is a great lighter alternative to facial oil during the hotter months. I have been using both this Radiance duo c/o and the Plumping Radiance cream c/o since I got them over a week ago now and they are beautiful. I always like to mix up my skincare routine ready for Summer and these two have slotted straight into my routine. The cream is delicate, light and non-greasy that leaves my skin looking plump and hydrated. What we all want for Summer skin right?

What do you think of the new range? Will you be treating yourself?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. These all sound so lovely! Really like the Youthful Day Cream especially, really need to try more from Melvita.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

    1. Oh the creams are gorgeous. I am loving the radiance duo at the mo xx

  2. Just reading through that list of new products made me swoon, I need some new Melvita, stat! x

    Amy / srslylou

    1. Yes you do! Its just the most lovely brand and everything they do always works for me xx


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