May 07, 2014


I thought I would share a few of my latest shower additions that let's be honest are a beauty necessity and really don't get enough praise. Starting from the top down, oh cheeky, I have found a soft spot for this shampoo and conditioner paring. Cleverly picked for me on my hair needs, John Fredia Full Repair Shampoo c/o and John Freida Luxurious Volume Conditioner c/o have been a real joy to use. Firstly the shampoo helps to clean the hair with rich omega 3 and inca inchi oil which hydrates and nourishes the hair to keep it shiny and healthy. Then the conditioner helps to detangle along with giving my hair volume. These products really do work and for the affordable price in the drugstore, which is usually on a deal somewhere, they are definitely worth trying and finding your best match. As my hair was quite damaged and it's length certainly weighed it down, these two products work together to fight both hair dramas.

A little indulgence doesn't go a miss in my shower. One of the biggest treats that has certainly been inflicted by John and bought by him as usually I can't bare to part with my money,  is a Molton Brown shower gel. Their shower gels are so luxurious and feel incredible on the skin. They just feel thick and soft and once lathered in the shower it fragrances your skin like a treat. My favourite scent and range in the Molton Brown collection is the newly named Ylang Ylang Body Wash. Although they are expensive, they do last a long time and you don't need to use much of the product to have a clean bod in no time.

Last but not least is a beauty bloggers favourite, Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush Body Scrub. Bought as a gift for a friend ahem somehow it made it's way onto my shelf! This stuff I just can't explain, you'll know if you love it, that it just makes you weak at the knees. It's scent is uplifting and just damn tasty! The scrub itself is not too harsh but just enough to polish your skin. Let's not lie to each other that I am addicted to the scent and it is this that keeps me coming back for more.

Have you got any shower favourites? Do you treat yourself to something fancy once in a while?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I need to get that Soap and Glory body scrub! I hate that Israel doesn't sell soap and glory products, it drives me mental! x


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