May 18, 2014


Have you ever had a place that reminds you only of one person and the memories that you shared there? Then you lose that one person and that place is never going to be the same again, it's too painful and even thinking about the times you spend together there hurts your heart. Well if you haven't, your one lucky bean but that's exactly what I felt, when I was contacted by Simplyhealth a few weeks ago. Simplyhealth offered me the chance to visit Kew Gardens as part of their #healthyageing campaign c/o to help raise awareness and promote living a healthy lifestyle for older adults. It wasn't one of those opportunities that I thought woohoo free tickets, as it meant more than anyone could have ever known and I had to share this with a lovely lady who contacted me. It's hard for me to talk about my Grandma and I had to be honest with the brand. With a few heartfelt emails back and forth, I felt like now and with this very generous opportunity, was the time to go back to Kew and make new memories in my Grandma's memory.

Taking along my trusty bestie Miss Jessica Dunn and our lovely Mooma (who was part of the deal as sadly she's over the hill haha) we popped off on Sunday to Kew Gardens. Just a 30 minute tube ride and it felt like we were in the countryside. Kew, as a place, is a beautiful and calm town that really only houses the wonderful miles upon miles of landscaped gardens. Very different from the rushed streets of London. Just a short walk and we were there, in the breath taking gardens filled with the most incredible trees and miles of unspoilt landscape. I think for me visiting Kew was one of the first moments that I felt at peace with the loss of my Grammy. I miss her every single day but being in this place that she used to take us to all the time, I felt like she was all around us. She would be proud that we were there altogether. Sadly, I didn't spot her anywhere, you see I think she is a robin now, my own way of feeling like her spirit still lives on but it's not her season, so I'll let her off hehe. 

After a good few hours of walking, lots of greenhouse sweating and a rather hairy scary treetop walk over 18 metres tall over Kew's tree canopies, we stopped for some lunch on the grass and I realised how truly happy I felt to be out and about in a place of my childhood. With Jess and I both reminiscing about our Grammy's home made picnic, especially her amazing chicken drumsticks, we finished up lunch and headed to the cafe for a cuppa and a slice of something sweet...CAKE!

I think this day with my two best friends- Jess and Mum, showed how important it is to get out of the house, and visit a place that is either old or new to you and just have fun together. Whether your young or old, seeing the world and being active is so important, which coming from a lass who couldn't even board a tube a year ago, I have come to notice how amazing it makes you feel. Don't get me wrong we lazed on the grass for far too long and ate the tastiest carrot cake filling our bellies to the rim but just getting out of the house, I felt alive and at peace. What more could you want (*double helping of carrot cake*).

I couldn't recommend visiting Kew Gardens enough. Take your folks there or even your grandparents if your lucky enough to still have them with you. It is a beautiful, peaceful place to spend the day and they do great cake and you will sure get those legs walking again.
Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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