June 17, 2014


This post is a long time coming, so I apologies for that but I just had to share with you a new innovative SPF that you have to buy this Summer. I was lucky enough to attend a presentation, way back in March for the launch of Murad's Essential C Sun Balm ( £19.50 ) and I have been keeping it to myself ever since. This little pot of goodness is one beauty product that should be in every ladies handbag this summer and well all year round too.

I am a skincare addict and ever since Mrs Hirons told us to wear SPF everyday I have been doing my very best to do just that. Even if you think your out of the sun, incidental UV exposure can happen anytime and anywhere, so we have to protect ourselves. Now to this new sun protection genius innovation, the Murad Essential - C sun balm is a powerful SPF stick that had a high broad spectrum of SPF 35 with PA +++. This means that not only does this balm protect you from the suns harmful UVA rays, the ageing ray but also UVB rays, the burning rays. With this protection it also hydrates. Unlike anything released from Murad before this balm is simple, affective and portable, meaning there is no excuse not to use it on the go.

In addition to this balms powerful protection, it includes Murad's incredible MuraSol formula. This is a unique antioxidant defence system, blends together powerful antioxidants that helps to protect and penetrate the skins top layers to create a protective barrier against free radical damage. This not only protects your skin but also helps to penetrate the skins surface, allowing the antioxidant deference system to slowly work over time. This enables a long lasting deference system rather than just a few hours of protection. 

Ingredients include the rather fabulous humble broccoli extract that helps stimulate the skins natural defence against UV damage, Tangerine Butter to hydrate and vitamins A, C and E to give your skin all the vitamins it needs to stay glowing and healthy. Don't worry this balm sure doesn't smell of broccoli hehe. It in fact smells like summery oranges. The texture glides onto the skin and it's goodness sinks straight into your skin. I have tried this balm before make up and after and it is just as affective in my eyes. I tend to apply it down my nose, along my cheekbones, on my forehead, upper body and hands. It doesn't leave any greasy residue and I think it makes your skin hydrated and healthy. I literally can't sing the praises of this product just take my word you NEED it! 

Go buy this people! You need to protect your skin all year round and especially now it is finally a little warm in the UK!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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