June 26, 2014


Late to the band waggon as per usual but sometimes it's not all about rushing a review, I have to write about a product when I feel like I want to not because it's the latest thing. Now with this one I think it is very hard not to be biased. Meet two nude nail polishes from Tanya Burr's latest nail collection. Consisting of a whole array of colours all chosen and named by Tanya, this very personal collaboration has been a huge success in the blogging world and her fan base. I have been a huge fan of her YouTube tutorials and blog for years and like Zoella, she was one of the first bloggers I really got to love. Now she is huge. I mean huge! Basically celebrity status and I feel like things have changed. She surely doesn't just make videos for her fans, they are more controlled, her image is important now and if your attending every premier in London, I guess you have to think about your pr. I still think she is the same fun loving Tanya and an incredible role model for young girls wanting to get into the beauty industry but now she is much more than that. She is a celebrity personality and the days of blogging just as a hobby is over for her. 

I admire everything Tanya has done and I think she has such a bright future. But I do hope that she stays true to her roots of being part of a friendly and loving blogging community and doesn't forget us. Obviously the thousands of screaming fans might side track her a little!

Now enough of my little out burst, these two polishes, the rather adorable Peaches and Cream c/o and Mini Marshmallow c/o ( £5.99, 12ml ). Both of these shades are the perfect nude nail and would literally go with anything. To the texture, it certainly does need a good two coats, as after the first, the hues are so fair that you can hardly see them but after two to three coats, its a glossy opaque finish. The nail polish is easy to apply but the brush isn't great. Well we have to be honest here hehe! For my nails its a little bristly and didn't leave a smooth finish like my good old favourite Rimmel 60 second polish but for the glossy finish it's worth a little bit of effort. The packaging is very simple and I really love Tanya's simple warming logo, which evokes her happy fun loving self. However I struggled BIG time to get the lid to even open as awkwardly the square lid pops off and your left with a small twisty cap, much like Butter London Polishes. 

Overall, I think that her collection is such an achievement but is a little pricey for her younger fan base. I know when I was a teenager, I wouldn't dream of spending £5.99 on a nail polish. I guess times have changed and I am an old saver at heart but I do think there is better out there. I think this collection is just the start for Tanya and I can't wait to see her journey grow to huge heights! Inspiring us beauty bloggers that things can happen to anyone.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. The Tanya Burr collection is amazing and I'm so pleased that there's nude colours in the range x

    Alaina (www.alainatbf.blogspot.co.uk)

    1. I love it too! Would love to try more from her collection xx

  2. The Tanya Burr collection looks lovely, I love the nudes! These would be perfect for a dainty manicure :)
    Mia xx

    1. The nudes are beautiful but I would love to try her pastels xx


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