July 05, 2014


I am the biggest dry shampoo hoarder. In my collection you'll find empty cans, millions of different brands and probably a selection of unopened beauties. I am not afraid to admit it dry shampoo is my hairs best friend. But is it just lazy to use it? Well technically yes but for me I couldn't live without it. I use dry shampoo pretty much every other day on washed and unwashed hair. I tend to not wash my hair any more than two to three times a week, as it is quite oily and can dry out if I wash it too often. 

So why have a love affair with dry shampoo? It's my hairs best friend, as I firstly I prefer my hair when it is a little dirty. I can create more of a texturised look and dry shampoo keeps my hair clean without it starting to go greasy. I have never been one for glossy locks so the affect of dry shampoo also works perfectly as it normally mattifies my hair. Finally it gives fine hair like mine, serious volume! Who doesn't love a bit of volume and with a bit of a head rub my hair triples in size! 

As you do, I have been testing out a few dry shampoos in my collection and thought I'd share how I got on with them. I have picked just four from my ever growing collection and without comparing them too much, I have given my honest verdict. I don't want you wasting your money now do I. 

First up is the oldest dry shampoo in my collection and by that I mean it was always a firm favourite for years and years before I really got into beauty. It comes as no surprise that it is the classic go to brand Batiste. This one I tested out for a week or so is their Monochrome Dry Shampoo (£2.99, 200ml) . I think most of us will know that Batiste's dry shampoo give a hell of a lotta volume but it's old school powdery finish didn't quite cut it for me. I think that for a dry shampoo these days, the spray needs to be dark instead of a white powder. The problem with the white powder is it ends up lightening your hair and makes it pretty obvious you have used it. I love the smell of Batiste and for a hair refresh as they say, this is perfect. I would definitely recommend trying their dry shampoo for dark hair or blonde hair. Although those products are a quid more, I think it's worth it over the hassle of getting rid of the white powdery look.

A more recent new beauty launch from Paul Mitchell, is their Dry Wash, Express Dry Waterless Shampoo (£18.95, 252ml) c/o. With a gorgeous sweet fruity scent, this expert dry shampoo has been formulated to help hair look clean and smelling lovely, which it does just that. It's ultra-fine, colourless formula is all you could ask for in a dry shampoo. I mean it doesn't get any simpler to get pretty much clean hair out of a bottle. It absorbs any oil in your hair instantly, giving it volume at the roots and some serious volume. I loved using this dry shampoo and I think it gives a salon finish at home. It is rather pricey but I have been using it for a full week and I don't think I have used much of the product at all.

Another luxurious dry shampoo that has been in my testing box is Percy and Reed Dry Shampoo ( £12.00, 150ml). This dry shampoo similar to Batiste, goes back to a powder formula. It is not as heavy as Batiste although it does need a good work into your roots. Soaking up excess oil is no problem but be sure to brush it out through the rest of your hair. I did enjoy using this shampoo for its light and fresh signature scent from Percy and Reed, which I read is their own unique scent called 'A walk in the rain' inspired by the British countryside. Lovely touch, I thought. Whether I had to use a fair bit on my hair during testing or that there is not really alot of product in the bottle, this has sadly pretty much finished.

Last but not least is my favourite of them all, John Freida Luxurious Volume Dry Shampoo (£5.89, 150ml). Suited for fine hair, aka moi, this amazing ozonic scented dry shampoo is a very fine powder that can easily be blended and worked into the hair with no fuss. The volume this product creates is incredible. For my flat and sometimes unloved haystack of a head, this product is for me. It is worth every penny and I wrote about it HERE, I have repurchased a new bottle. I have spread the word too and my friends are now raving about it! I love it.

I do hope this post is helpful if your after a new dry shampoo. I would love to sample a few more and let you know how I get on. What are your favourite dry shampoo's? It's not lazy to use it right??

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I love using dry shampoo too & have road tested quite a few, but never tried this John Fredia one you have discovered. I need to try this one

    1. Omg John Fredia one is so good! I love it for my fine hair. xx

  2. Never in my life have I used Dry Shampoo but this post makes me want to try it out! I don't think it's laziness, if it's quicker than washing your own hair then you have more time to do stuff you love... like blogging!x

    1. Really? Wow thats amazing. I use it only a few times a week just to save from washing my hair all the time xx

  3. My favourite is the Klorane one. It's on the pricy side so I get it when there's a promo. I've trained my hair to be washed twice a week, so they don't overproduce sebum, but sometime I need dry shampoo. I wouldn't use it every other day though, I'm not sure if it's good for the hair...


    1. That sounds amazing. I wash my twice a week too and dry shampoo is my filler lol! xx

  4. I love Dry Shampoo I always use it between washes and it's really one of the only way to add Volume to my hair. Serge Normant Meta Revive Volumizing Dry shampoo



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