July 19, 2014


This is always a toughy for me. I think being a skincare addict, literally I don't lie about this, I went a whole day and night without my skincare stash last month and I freaked out! I felt awful, dirty and unprepared for the day ahead. What I could have done to have literally anything with me to cleanse my face! I would have even taken a make up wipe! Now that's saying something hehe. Back to these three make up removers. When it comes to taking off makeup I always do a double cleanse but where does this leave specific makeup removes in the grand scheme of things? Are they a total waste of time?

For me, I always prefer to cleanse and cleanse again after makeup to make sure ever last particle has been taken off my skin. I think this is if not the only way that make up should be removed. However, I have to admit, when it comes to my eyes, a quick swipe with a cotton pad and one of these three is cleaner and helps move away from sever panda eye syndrome. I have just randomly picked three makeup removers that I haven't actually written about from my stash and I thought I'd give you the low down how they performed, as I am still unconvinced if makeup removers are worth the dollar.

First up is a favourite, Bioderma's Sensibo H20 Micelle Solution for sensitive skin c/o (£14.50, 500ml). This micellar water, is a light fragrance free formula that cleanses, removes makeup from your face and most importantly for me, my eyes. Created specifically for sensitive skin, this cleanser is so gentle that you can swipe it over your eyes and not only does it remove all traces of makeup it also soothes them. Red eyes don't hang around here hehe! I do love this cleanser but as an all over cleanse, it's not enough for me. However as a eye makeup remover, you can't go wrong with it. It's light and non-greasy so just splosh some on a cotton pad and use as needed. It takes off any water resistant make up and as make up removers go it is very refreshing to use, without any sticky residue. It does feel just like water really. Of course, there is a little more in this than just water but that's how light it feels. So worth the hype, yes and no. Its an amazing product but personally, I think it's one of those products that you need but it is quite boring. Means it probably does the job though hey hehe! 

Next is Lancome's Bi-Facial eye makeup remover  c/o (£21.00, 125ml). This 'non-oily' make up remover, is a specific product for removing stubborn eye makeup and most importantly claims to be suitable for sensitive skin along with contact lens wearers. This make up remove is one of those products that just didn't feel right for me. It states that this is a non-oily formula but this is basically as oily as a light cleansing oil. On my skin, it did the job with removing all my eye make up but I just had to wash it off after. It left a slight oily residue that felt greasy on my eyes. I wasn't too keen on it at all. It did clean around my area perfectly but with an oily finish, it meant that I had to re-wash my eyes, which in one work is effort! Save your dollar here guys.

Finally is a tad extortionate purchase from Jess earlier on in the year and it was a lovely surprise as it's my first product from the beautiful brand Chantecaille. Chantecaille Rose Eye Makeup Remover c/o (£33.00, 75ml) is with out a doubt expensive and even for me just to use it, I almost find myself saying oh I'll save that for a special occasion hehe. Don't you do that too? For me, this is everything you would want from an eye makeup remover, it is light, gentle and scented like roses. It is really effective on getting off makeup and with Blue Cornflower, pure Rose water and Chamomile, this remover cleans and calms the eye area with no irritation. It contains Aloe Vera to reduce redness and Apricot extract to soften the skin around your eyes. I adore this product but it will cost you an arm and a leg to buy and you don't get alot of it for your money. Problem is I can't really fault it. It's a treat to use and as far as removers go, this is gorgeous.

So back to the question of whether makeup removers are really worth it? I would say if you want to avoid panda eyes and that awful eye sting if you do get any harsh products in your eyes, yes treat yourself. However if you are a no fuss gal and cotton pads are like the holy grail to you - don't bother. Make up removers do nothing for your skin really so instead just buy yourself a few fabulous cleansers, have them on rotate and buy yourself many many many face clothes and you'll have perfectly clean skin! 

What are your thoughts on make up removers? Worth the dollar? 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I think they are great as a sort of pre step to removing but by themselves! never! haha i am really spoiled now the idea of using a makeup wipe to remove makeup just freaks me out now haha


  2. I always remove my eye make-up first, and a good eye-makeup remover is worth every penny for quickness and ease.
    Laura | A Life With Frills

  3. I am the same, if I don't have my skincare necessities I freak out! What have we become?! I have only tried one your makeup removers, the Bioderma which I really like & find it gentle & effective at getting my eye makeup off. I really like the Garnier Micellar Water & No7 Eye makeup remover is good too


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