July 13, 2014


Writers block isn't new to me. I am typing right now, with not a clue what I am about to share. It takes it's toll writing a blog whilst working full time and when work for me at the moment is almost 7 days a week, where is the time for writing. The only way I cure writers blog is just to start writing, hence the random post. I think its important if your staring at a blank screen, just type. Type anything. What you like that week, write about your day...anything to get your brain active and engaging with your blog again. Like what I am literally doing this second, as I ramble on, I've just taken a blank page, popped a photograph I have taken in the week and I am managing to type away about not being able to write. Have I lost you yet??

Its tough coming up with fresh, new and more importantly engaging content on a regular basis. I have no clue how full time bloggers do it, let alone you fabulous people who keep up blogging everyday even with a full time job. I have tried to keep up with my four posts a week and I gotta say, I am so proud that I have managed to stay on track. I hope although pre-scheduled, my content has stayed consistent and that I keep you coming back for more! 

What always surprises me is how much you lovely readers seem to love my Sunday posts. Started little off the cuff, my Sunday post seems to have out grown just another beauty post and into a weekly post where I can share my thoughts, my life and most importantly, where I can feel confident to write exactly whatever I want to write. Its fricking amazing! I have always dreamt of Life Looks Perfect becoming a lifestyle blog much like the beautiful writings of From Gem with Love or Bleubird blog or The Londoner. It could be a blog filled with writings about my adventures, gorgeous photography sharing the beauty of everyday and hopefully parts of my little life that you would want to read. This may be the dream but oh boy I think I might need to start making a life first! You don't want to be reading how I spent all day hoovering the house or munching a 12 box of Krispy Kremes whilst watching Dance Moms! I would like to think maybe in a few years time, I will be travelling the world with my self-made millions sharing everything I get up to with my great love...(yer, like that's ever going to happen) and you'll be the first ones I share it with!

Goodness knows where this post has gone today but as for my life, its complicated right now, I am in a giant whirlwind that is taking me places I have never been before and certainly I am feeling things that once seemed like a dream but is now becoming a reality. I can't wait to start living my life to the full and hopefully with someone special. Life isn't easy and I do apologies for my lack of fresh spontaneous writing along with my decline from social media, but I have got a few weekends free and some exciting things planned over the next few weeks so stick with me folks! 

As for writers block, if I can break out of it, you can too. Don't ever feel pressured to write but start somewhere with a topic that's simple and run with it. If you don't publish it, who cares but at least you got typing again (as my brain is already saying I shouldn't even publish this random pile of shit lol!)

Till next week folks! Keep those fingers typing...

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I suffered from writers block a little while ago and I have to say I hated it! I was glad to get over it when I did and I was even more glad to have had some scheduled posts to keep my blog rolling. I want to share more experiences of my life on my blog too but I don't get out much. I want to use my blog as an excuse to get out there and find new and interesting places to visit. I've already got one place lined up and it's quite close to me. I'm just wondering whether I should be brave enough to go alone or not! Hope your dreams of travelling the world comes true ;) xx


    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment, really made my day xx

  2. Love your photo. You're so right about just starting typing if you have writers block. It may be nonsense at first but something will come & you can always edit xxx

    1. Just gotta get to it! I think otherwise youll never blooming start hehe xx

  3. I am trying to have a like too! however it doesn't seem as glamorous as most bloggers out there so I tend to dissuade myself from posting things and eventually ending up with writer's block. It's frustrating.



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