July 27, 2014


Last week I had something completely different in mind for this post. The way things go in my whirlwind of a life right now, plans change and things change. Instead, alike one of my Sunday Love posts a week or so ago, I have taken to this post with no clue what I am going to say. This seems to be a bit of a regular occurrence and I do apologise. 

For me organisation is so important and it's so unlike me to not have anything to say hehe! However I'll give you the little life update and that is there is so much drama going on I can hardly think. On a huge positive note I have finally got my act together and I have started going to London blogger events again. It's something that I only really started in March, with the lovely hand of a caring blogger by my side, it's been a while since I have been to any. You'll probably remember my rather frank post a few months ago which sparked a conversation about blogger events feeling like your almost back at school, which although I can't really comment on now but it does happen. Even the awful things that have been happened over on GG, is something you expect from a movie like Mean Girls, not actual reality.  I think it's so important just to stay true to blogging and know that we are all human beings. Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated, as it is those mean girls that are damaging the once safe and caring blogging community.

Since then I have met some amazing people and especially the lovely Lorna (Studs & Dreams Blog) who I have spoken to for at least a year now but we had never met, I was the secret mystery blogger! Sometimes when you do finally meet, I am pretty sure it goes through all of our heads, just say we don't get on or just say is awkward. Well I can say that it was like Lorna and I had known each other for years. Sometimes you just have that with people, it's unexpected and for me it is so rare and precious. When you hear of those close blogging friendships, I do think how incredible those friendships must be, as not only do you have basically have a huge foundation set in place, you know exactly how each other feels when it comes to blogging, the passions for it and of course you have the best shopping partner you'll ever find. I would love to meet more bloggers that I have always spoken to on twitter and fingers crossed the relationships I do have can grow. Don't worry Lorna, I'm not a stalker promise hehe!

As my life is taking a whirlwind crossroads I have to say it is blogging that has been my little sanctuary. A place that only I know and I have for myself. I write now after a night from hell, laying on the sofa spilling my heart out onto this little blog. I can't wait for all of the exciting events coming up and all of the people who I will hopefully be able to meet. You know who you are. 

Now as for the title of this post, I have to share with you one of my other passions and that is music. For me music is everything. It's there through the hard times and makes the good times even more memorable. This summer, two albums, that are by far are the most incredible albums that I have heard in a long time, have made a difference to my life. Paolo Nutini's Caustic Love and the beautiful Sam Smith's In The Lonely Hour, have not only got me out of my pit and on my bedroom floor dancing they are music for the soul. I have no idea why they speak to me the way they do but I think they are both worth downloading right this second. Enjoy the incredible song writing and musical talent that is both created by these rather dashing young men. Ooo don't you just love them! 

Again this post has run through so much random crap again but for me I love writing these posts. A place for a little self help, a place to go back and realise how far I have come. My blog is part of my life when it comes down to it, so I enjoy being honest and true to my readers and keeping you all in the loop.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. Love this photo Becki, you look so relaxed! I am constantly listening to Lana del Rey's Ultraviolence. Love this album! X


  2. I've found myself drawing more towards lifestyle posts and they've become great to write. Hope to see you soon lovely. xx



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