July 03, 2014


As you might have read in my last few Sunday posts, I am now knee deep in flower craziness! This is why I have had to scheduled away and pre-written a few posts, so I don't have to abandon you lovely lot! So today's offering goes back over the last few weeks and I share with you little mini reviews of three Lush bath bombs that I have devoured. Oh boy I have never loved a hot bath so much in my life over the last few weeks. A little me time and certainly time for my muscles to relax after the crazy busy and long days at work. Winding down always has to include a hot bath, whether it is hot or cold in London town, some sort of series on my I-pad playing and a Lush goody for the bath. There is always something exciting about using a Lush bath bomb. For me I always think it is the unknown. What is it going to do to the bath haha! Usually it will turn the bath some unsightly colour and have a few floating surprises stored in its centre but that's all part of the fun isn't it?

Starting from the left, here are my last three Lush bath's. Bought back in the Spring, which means I don't think you can buy it anymore unfortunately is Lush's Secret garden bath bomb c/o (£2.95) This beautiful scented green bath bomb, instantly began to slowly fizz once it was in the water and lasted for at least 5 minutes, which for a small little bomb, it was a real treat. As the bath bomb began to open and shrink, dried flowers appeared and it started to turn the water bright green. The scent of this product has been one of my favourites that's come from any of their seasonal collections as it's scent is a blend of Rosewood oil, sweet wild orange and gardenia. Literally the scent of a dream garden! So you know the score Lush Bring It Back!!

Promising a perfect nappy bath, me and this bath bomb hit it of from first sniff, meet Twilight c/o (£3.25). This bath bomb (in the middle) was an incredible, dreamy experience for me. It's scent is calming and soothing of lavender and tonka bean, whilst the extremely slow melting and bubbling bomb took its time, turning my bath water into a silky, relaxing haven. The bath bomb took over 10 minutes to completely disappear and when it did, it left a deep purple shimmering silver bath that softened my skin and calmed my senses. I adore this product and if you are ever needing to take a long bath just for yourself, this is your guy. I want one every night now.

Finally and leaving this post on a sour note is the not so impressive Sakura bath bomb (£3.25). With an exciting pretty exterior, I was expecting some magic with this bath bomb but instead literally it did nothing. No exciting pops or bangs, it didn't affect the water much at all maybe made it a tad softer on my skin but the colour of the water stayed the same. For one of the larger bath bombs I was really disappointed with it. Its scent was OK, not very strong though, so once I used my usual shower gel, I couldn't smell anything. Lush I think by now, you can do better with this one and you know me I am a huge fan of yours. 

On that happy note hehe, I hope I have helped you out if your after a new bath bomb for that little bit of you time. Please do let me know your favourites in the comments! 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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