August 26, 2014


Now here's something a little different on the blog this week and it's make up posts! I somehow and very naturally have fallen into the trap of writing about skincare as per usual and makeup always seems to take a back seat. I have tried to bring in a little more to the blog than just skincare, as I am sure like me you love a little bit of variety. Today's post is a simple one, I wanted to share with you three make up palettes that actually cover all the basics and for me, make my life simple on the go.

First up is my gorgeous Sephora IT Palette in Nude ($32.00). Bought for me from New York, this palette is a beauty. I mean who doesn't adore a nude palette and one with so many beautiful shades of all different textures and finishes, I'm a happy lady. The palette itself is a variation of shimmery and matte nudes that cover the basics from the perfect eyebrow shade to a glamorously smokey eye. I love the rose gold shimmery eye shadow along with almost white matte base that is amazing under the brow. I have only just started using this palette, as of course like most beauty mavens - it was too beautiful to use but since I have it's been my go to make up must have. It also comes with a blending brush, which is pretty handy and a contour eyeliner. All in one useful gorgeously packaged padded palette.

Two very, very, very affordable palettes that can be found in my collection and are exactly the same unbelievable cheap price of 4squids each! Meet MUA Undress me too Eyeshadow palette (£4.00) and Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow and Brow Palette (£4.00). These two palettes are such a bargain that I couldn't resist them and to be honest, I can't believe how incredible the finish and texture of the shadows are for the price. The MUA palette is probably my favourite out of the two just as I tend to head to three particular shades that I can't get enough of. These three shades are Devotion - a copper/gold shimmer,  Naked - a matte cream and Dreamy - a deep puta shimmer shadow, oh goodness I love them all together or just on their own. With the Makeup Rev palette, if your a shimmer fan, this couldn't be any better for you. I do love a shimmery eye, especially in nudes but with this palette, it throws me straight out of my comfort zone. I love the lighter shades in this palette at the top. They are so shimmery and adds such a fab pop of colour onto your lids. The only annoying thing with this palette is how tiny the little shadows are, as you need to be careful not to blend the colours. The four colours at the top of the palette are just for me. Especially the creamy white shimmer, which can be used to highlight under the brow or in the corner of your eyes.

What are your favourite palettes? Do you have any bargain finds?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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