August 17, 2014


I remember a few months ago, I shared my love for London town and especially Southbank. I am a London gal through and through and I can't help but wish I could experience the city in the sunshine. There is nothing better than a walk down by the river Thames on your own or with the people you love. Working so hard and life's drama's mean I miss out on so much beauty that the city has to offer along with all the amazing free events that happen along the river every single day.

On that rare occasion, that one Sunday that I did finally manage to get away from work, I couldn't help but take the one I love down to the river and catch some much deserved Vitamin D. I have totally missed out on what Southbank has to offer this summer, which to be honest, they never disappoint so I knew we would have a fab time. This year is the 'Summer of Love' on the river, art works, exhibitions, food, fun what more could you want. As greedy buggers, we hit the food market at the back of the Royal Festival Hall close to Waterloo Station. It was a speciality street food market, meaning amazing artisan cuisines from all around the world and too much goodness for your senses. We grabbed a hand full of meat, zesty Asian baps and a pint of something tasty and headed up to the layered concrete walkways of the Hayward Gallery. I'm the kinda gal that isn't too worried about sitting on the floor, relaxing on the pavement or just chilling where ever there is a step to perch my butt on. I'm not precious lets just say. Southbank is perfect for this. You get the most amazing views wherever you are and around the Hayward Gallery there are so many places to perch for 10 minutes and watch the world go by.

After a little ponder along passed the endless tourists and hot spots for a selfie, you will find yourself distracted by a huge pink bus. Not just any pink bus its a SNOG bus! If you aren't sure what I am on about, you need to get yourself down for some frozen yogurt and pick the toppings of dreams. You can also jump on board and take a seat at the top of the bus, oh the views. I'm an ice cream gal but this frozen yogurt - I went for Peanut Butter flavour, it's pretty darn special. Its the perfect way to end a beautiful day in London. I do wish I had some pictures of the day but to be honest I just wanted to enjoy myself with my love and sometimes you have to just put away the phones and live in the moment (Yes there were a few instagrams, I'm guilty hehe!).

I would love to hear your favourite places to go in London or just things that you love to do on those one off days off? They are rare in my life at the moment and I would love to use my time well, as laying in bed is always too much of a good option but such a waste of time! (ahem, as I lay in bed typing on the weekend).

Happy Sunday Folks!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. Oh man, I so wish I lived in London so that I could have days like this!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog


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