August 31, 2014


Wind back to a few years ago, there was just little old me, fresh out of uni, not a care in the world apart from trying to find my feet. When you finish education, you finally have all the time you could possibly want. For me, I just thought WTF am I going to do with my time. Trying to find those dreaded things we call 'hobbies' and keeping your self busy is tricky. I certainly struggled to find what I enjoyed doing for myself for a while until I found blogging. Randomly thinking, whilst reading other beauty blogs, I thought 'I can do that' and that day I started Life Looks Perfect.

Blogging is huge now. It's everywhere. People aren't shocked anymore if you have a blog and it's very rare now that people will look at you and say 'well whats a blog then?' I think it is such an amazing way of sharing a little part of you through the Internet on anything that you desire to share, write or photograph. It's a diary for yourself. 

Of course back when I launched Life Looks Perfect, I didn't dare dream that it would be as successful as it has become and it is through perseverance and love for what you do that in my eyes makes a blog successful. Now I am no big time blogger here, I still work every hour I can to pay those bills and blogging is my night time activity, many late nights burning the midnight oil as they say! But I do think throughout the few years that I have been on the blogging scene that there are things that are so important when you are thinking about starting a blog or even like me as you slowly grow into an established blogger that you shouldn't forget in making your blog the best it can be...

- 1. Never compare yourself to others. It is a dangerous game once you start comparing yourself to other bloggers around you. I have found that especially in London, blogging is huge and with most of the big brands hosting events all throughout the year for bloggers, it can become very competitive. Its so easy to get caught up in it all and you will begin to lose yourself. Your blog is what you make of it and trust me people will love you for your opinions and thoughts that is what keeps them coming back.

-2. Stats aren't everything. Now I am going to share with you the truth here, I never look at my stats on my blog, as to be honest they aren't great. They are steady but realistically, if I looked everyday I would probably be thinking my blog is a waste of time. That's just stating the truth there. Yes of course if you are planning on living off of your blogs income then stats are everything but for me they are not important. I blog because I love writing and for me its a part of my day to day life. I have gained followers and readers organically. For me this is the best way as it isn't too intimidating and I don't feel pressure to be a certain way or double think what I share online as still its just me and my readers.

-3. Be individual. Create your own style of writing and way of presenting your work, reviews, photographs etc try not to copy or become part of the crowd, as it is posts that do the exact opposite of that are usually the ones that make you stand out. Always write honestly, be open and talk to your readers as if they are your best friends. I know it has taken me a while to find my voice and certainly my own genre in the blogging world but now I have I feel confident and passionate about everything I write.

-4. Don't blog because you have to, blog because you want to. This is something that for me is key. When I don't want to blog, I don't. If the schedule has to go out the window so be it. I would never force myself to write anything that I didn't want to as not only would it probably show through my writing but also I never want my blog to become a chore. I always make time for blogging and even when I am busy sometimes taking a few hours out of my day to write is more therapeutic than you think. It's my own little safe haven.

-5. Don't run before you can walk. Blogging is a tricky one when it comes to success and certainly if you are starting a blog. If you want to become the next big thing, your doing it for the wrong reasons. For me, blogging has never been about money, stats or success, it was a place I could have a voice and get my writing out there. I believe that if you stay true to yourself, invest time and effort into your own blog, you will make it the best it can be. Whether that's your the next big thing or just that you gain new readers, success in blogging is completely personal. People never understand how much time and effort it takes to keep a blog going, forever writing and creating new exciting content week after week. You basically become your own in house publisher! 

-6. Be true to yourself. When it comes down to it, you have to love your blog and do it for yourself. I think the best blogs are the ones that share part of the author and the fact that they aren't afraid of sharing what they truly think. Never hold back when writing and give yourself time to find what you love to write about. It took me a long time to gain my own voice and if you would have told me a few years ago that I'd be a skincare guru, (as I was taking off my makeup with a face wipe) I would have probably laughed out loud! These things can take time to find your place withing the blogging world, unless you are completely blooming fantastic!

-7. Love what you do. This is the most important thing for me. I love my blog and its brought an interest into my life that I never thought I would ever pursue. Blogging and Life Looks Perfect has certainly become part of my everyday life and part of me. Its like my own baby, a space for me and only me to write, escape everyday stresses and just be myself. Its a place that I am proud of and I enjoy coming back to everyday.

I hope these little notes may have helped you if your thinking about starting a blog or even lost your way in the blogging world. I am always here to talk and I hope that this post has been helpful in someway and do tell me what you do to keep your blog going.
Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox 



  1. I love this; thank you so much for these lessons! It's very hard sometimes to lose yourself in blogging, especially when it's so concentrated, but I think as long as you stay true to yourself and do it on your own watch, you'll be fine. Love it!

  2. Love this post, made me think a lot about my own blog too. I don't want to be the next big thing but I want people to read what I write, it's simple as that. Thank you for this awesome post! xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

  3. Yeah yeah well i want to be the next big thing and i f*cking will be. Anyway you know that. My first ever comment online to you. First public comment at the least. Read this and let me know Boo x


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