September 30, 2014


Sparkles and tasty scents are whats on order today with my second instalment from Lush's Christmas 2014 collection, along with a few random pics from the event. I do apologies for the poor quality, the light was awful in there! A quick nod before I get on with Bath Melts and Soaps, I wanted to just say that I have written a little bit about all of the other products that Lush are releasing down below, as I am pretty sure everyone wants to see this years collection but I haven't sampled them of course.

Bath Melts

Lush have only released one newbie into their collection this Christmas and its the beautiful Snow Angel c/o (£3.95). This gorgeous blend of the fizz of a bath bomb and the softening quality of Lush's bath melts means this product slowly melts away leaving a glittery gold bath and Rose scented skin. They have also brought back the hero that was the Melting Snowman (£2.25) and the glittering Star Light Star Bright c/o (£3.35) which creates a beautiful unexpected turquoise bath and glitter that will stay on your skin till next Christmas!


I have to admit, I have never tried any of Lush's famous soaps. I don't know why but I just hate that feeling of dryness after you wash away the moisturising bar. However in traditional Lush style, they have created three new soaps just for Christmas and brought back an old favourite. The new Yog Nog soap c/o (£3.40, 100g, above) is just what it says on the tin, a vegan version of Egg Nog with Nutmeg and Cocoa powder, Reindeer Rock (£3.10, 100g) smells just like the dreamy Comforter fragrance and the new Baked Alaska soap (£3.25) is an uplifting stress relieving snowball, perfect for decorating your bathroom for Christmas. Bringing back this year is the delicate Lush classic Snowcake soap c/o (£3.40, 100g, above) which smells like irresistible almond marzipan from a Christmas cake.

Extra Lushness

There are of course a whole bundle of extra Christmas goodness that you can pick up from Lush including the new Snowman FUN (£5.00) inspired by Disney's 2013 hit Frozen, where you get three colours worth of FUN, which you can then actually make your own snowman from. This bar of course is multipurpose as you can play with it, its great for washing your hair and body along with it doubling up as a bubble bar. The new Snowman Jelly (£3.50) shower gel is one I won't forget holding at the press day, imagine Flubber but in a snowman shape scented with Lemon and Bergamot.

You can also find yourself covering your body with a little bit of Hot Toddy (£3.95, 100g) Lush's new glittery shower gel that gives you lots of that Christmas spice and will warm the cockles, topped off with a new skin powder First Snow (£4.75) which lightly dusts your skin with a light shimmer along with a gorgeous addictive scent of Celebrate (£12.95, 225g) my old Christmas favourite Lush body lotion, which is also back again!

When it comes to Christmas at Lush, you know they have every possible gift set you imagine and this year they have gone one step further and created some of the best gifts I have ever seen from them. They have divided their gifts up this year into three sections which have all been beautifully illustrated and hand picked, you have the Story Telling collection - imagine traditional wrapping and Hans Christian Anderson, The City of Gold collection - showcasing decadence and the wonders of gold and finally German Techno Nordic Pop - yes you heard me, bright neon's, fun prints and exciting products!

Some of my favourites are Festive Cheer (£10.95 inc Hot Toddy shower gel and Yog nog Soap), Winter Garden (£18.50 inc Rose Jam shower gel, Ro's Argan body conditioner, Sultana of Soap and sample of Helping hands hand cream) wrapped in a beautiful bauble shaped box that can hang on your Christmas tree and the 12 Days of Christmas (£49.95) which is filled with twelve Christmas products inside, one to use everyday in the run up to Christmas and I must say the box for this one is amazing as its like a giant story telling book!

That's it for now lovelies, of course there are a whole heap of products and gifts that I haven't mentioned but all of these products will be going into store very soon as the Christmas countdown has begun so make sure you go treat yourself and your loved ones. If anyone would like to treat me to a few I'll be happy to oblige! Launching in store this Friday!!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I really wish I liked Lush, I've tried a few of their face masks but they just break me out :(

    Love Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  2. I need the snowman shower Jelly in my life! I adore the shower jellys they are so much fun.

    Cole xx


  3. Gaaah, I wish it launched sooner, it all looks amazing! I'll definitely be putting in a little order on Friday, the snow angel bath melt looks lovely.

    Catherine, xo || Lady Liquor

  4. These all sound and look amazing, you just can't beat a lush bath bomb :) My birthday is at the end of November so I'm hoping I might get a couple of these :D
    Love Holly xx

  5. Awww, thank you for the preview. I am getting so excited when I think of Lush's christmas products. They are always spot on and totally cute.
    I still have the Christmas penguin of last year's collection. I just can't use it ..


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