September 11, 2014


Its no surprise that being a beauty blogger, you tend to try alot of new innovations and products that you would never even consider using previously. When you do however try something that makes you giggle, fall over in fits of laughter and then have a beautifully clean and healthy glow to your skin, you cant really complain can you? I know you want video footage of this really don't you. If only I was on Youtube! I do think it would make one funny video.

Now do you have a clue what I am talking about? Well if not don't worry. I am on about the fabulous brand Clayspray. If you could ever think of a name that literally describes exactly what the product is, this is it. These two above are a Clayspray duo from their mask Toning Kit (£35.00) - Clayspray Comfort H20 with Green Tea Water spray (75ml) and the Toning White Clay with Aloe Vera Mask (75ml). To start I have to say that in terms of face masks, I like to try alot of masks and with my skin being usually sensitive and combination (oily down my t-zone and dry on my cheeks and forehead) my skin usually doesn't react to many products unless they are too harsh for my skin. With these masks, I think it is so important to do a swatch test before using them as they are very different to anything I had tried before and I have read some people have reacted to them quite badly.

Anyway... to the mask itself. This brand have got it down to a tee, I like to first apply a light misting of the Clayspray Comfort H20 with Green Tea Water spray, which helps hydrate my skin underneath the mask as it gets to work and then I apply a thick layer of the Toning White Clay Mask on top. The texture of this mask is literally clay peeps as it is made of up to 60-66% of the purest clay in the world, meaning the mask itself has huge skin benefiting affect. This one in particular is a toning mask so it's grey clay like texture, helps to smooth, tone and reveal a younger, fresh looking complexion underneath. I like to think it was always there, it's just been made a little better. With no nasties and with the added ingredient Aloe Vera, this mask is soothing and extremely calming on your skin. The clay within this mask in particular helps to remove dead skin cells and impurities which gives you smooth baby butt skin in 10 minutes.

I am sure your wondering why I wrote that I was rolling around on the floor in fits of giggles at the start of this post and that is because when you apply this mask and by the time it starts to dry you actually look like your 90 years old! If you want to see what you would look like with wrinkles this is your man hehe. It obviously dries to a thick solid texture, which like clay does, it means you end up with a gargoyle looking face! I obviously tried to restrain from laughter but sometimes you just cant help it. However once you remove the mask, I like to use a warm flannel, your skin looks radiant and healthy again. After I then like to re-spray the Comfort H20 water all over my face to finish, as it is made with natural spring water rich in polyphenols from its added ingredient of green tea, great for cleaning your skin and keeping away impurities. 

As a duo and the ultimate pamper night for your skin, you cam;t really go wrong with Clayspray. It is like having a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. I would love to know if you have tried this product and what did you think?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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