September 07, 2014


Its been sometime that I have wanted to write this post. I have been a little worried that everything on the blog at the mo has been quite heavy going, lifestyle wise and to be drowning you in my life story was a little bit of a risk for me. I adore writing lifestyle posts and to be honest with the way things have been around here, beauty has been the least of my worries. So I have decided to write something a bit more on the light hearted side and share with you my TV low down of my favourite American TV box sets. Its the new thing isn't it, staying in and cosy'in up to a mildly addictive TV show, which for hours upon hours, you can scroll through and watch one after another with not a care in the world (or your sanity!) I have written a little guide down below with a few ideas to help you find your perfect series and I've kept it quite broad so there should be something for everyone...

The Guilty Pleasures

It's no lie, I am a chick flick lover at heart. I do love a guilty pleasure and I especially love cheesy girly watch. Now to start, a show that I hated for the first 10 episodes but I ended up falling for is The Vampire Diaries. This show is cheesy, dramatic, filled with eye candy for the guys and gal but most importantly is actually a damn good watch filled with vampires, high school drama and sharp pointy teeth. Find yourself heart clenching at the love affair with a high school hotty and two sexy brothers (I'm on damons side!), the dramas of being a vampire and the hot bods of the Werewolves and Original Vampires. Oh goodness you have to watch it, if not just for Klaus.

Next up is The Carrie Diaries. A show all about the life of Carrie Bradshaw before the Sex and the City, this series is light hearted, very girly and just a fun show to wash away the blues. Although I was sceptical at first, I do love an easy watch and this show just brings a little bit of fun and colour to your life AND of course the 80s fashion is amazing! Last but not least is my most embarrassing guilty pleasure - Devious Maids. Now this is the ultimate cheesy show. Four housewives try to unravel the mystery behind the death of one of their friends, expect very cheesy story lines and rich American families covering up a few dirty little secrets! What more could you want!

The Gripping Watches

If there is one show you must watch from this post its True Detective. This mystery detective drama is basically an eight hour movie. With an incredible cast and some of the most beautiful filming that I have seen in a while, it's a watch that you won't forget. It is a tad scary but the story line and characters whisk you away that you take it like a man and you can't look away from the TV. I promise you, you'll finish it in two days.

Another show that is really beautiful to watch, is the hard hitting show Rectify, that shares the story of a man who has just been released from death row. Its beautifully filmed and the acting is flawless. I think if you want to watch something a little more serious that will get you thinking, this is for you. Of course its no secret that The Following is a detective style drama that will have you hiding behind your pillow but will also have you going from episode to episode. Its dark, sexy and addictive but not for the faint hearted.
The Men in Suits

I am always a ladies man, I love any TV with drugs, sex and rock and roll, let alone a little bit of a gangster style show so when The Sopranos came into my life recently I was complete. This show is the ultimate box set and if you love a mafia style story line and some great characters this is for you. Another amazing show for both the ladies and men is Suits. Set in a lawyer firm, the characters are fantastic and the story lines are funny and gripping. Of course it would be rude for me not to mention one of my all time favourite shows and that is Mad Men. Men, smoking, drinking, sex, fashion and some serious office politics, this show just has it all. What a series is all about, story lines that keep you coming back for more, characters that are just insanely acted and you watch them grow along with a back drop of American highs and lows in history- I love it. Donald Draper...your the man!

The One for the Girls

When your all alone, you need a little something to pass the time and secretly spend your hours being hooked to the TV screen Gossip Girl is the original girls best friend. I am only up to series 2 at the moment but I love it. The characters are bitches, bad boys, bad gals and best friends that do what ever it takes to protect each other. Its quite dated now but still just as good. Of course my number one show for life has got to be Sex and the City for the ladies and if you haven't seen it...WTF get to it!!

Something a little cheese'r you say? Try Pretty Little Liars. A mega teen style show about a set of high school girls who try to unravel the suspicious death of a best friend who is actually still alive. With messages from a mysterious 'A' you are sucked into their journey and of course with lots of boys along the way. If you are after something a little more mature, try Mistress' (US). This show I found randomly and I loved it for its simple and very Desperate Housewives like style, its an easy watch and the characters are lovely.
The Pick Me Up's

Now do I even have to explain these last two? I am talking about Friends and New Girl. These two shows are just the perfect wake up TV, something to watch whilst getting ready and its personally my favourite TV to watch whilst having din dins hehe! These shows just make me feel happy and whats wrong with a little giggle to yourself!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki & her square eyes! xox


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  1. Becki thank you so much for the recommendations! I'll definitely check out Devious Maids and Mistresses! You need to watch Dexter and Six Feet Under if you haven't! Six Feet Under has the best TV series final scene ever - everyone says that from TV critics to my friends. When me and Kacper have been watching it we were crying like babies and I'll never forget it. Amazing series! X


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