September 14, 2014


When life throws you into a spinning vortex, sometimes its hard to see where the end is heading. I think that this is when really life is at it's best. It's taken me time to realise that although things have been challenging and certainly had an affect on me, I have never felt so alive and it's partly to do with this cutie above. Meet Betty Boo.

I wanted to share with you my new bundle of joy, as like most things on this blog, I am honest with you and like to take a risk with what I guess you guys might like reading. Even though I have had a rough time over the last few months with non-stop working, emotions flying and some big life changes, it has been this little spring chicken that has kept me on my toes and has filled my heart with so much love.

If you could have told me earlier in the year that we would have taken on the responsibility of a brand new Beagle pup, I would have laughed in your face. After all of the dramas of letting our baby sausage dog Arnie back to his daddy and then losing our old chocolate Lab Mr Grolsch earlier this year, our track record with dogs haven't been the most positive and it's been alot of heartache. However when the opportunity arose on taking on this gorgeous pedigree, perfect pup, it was all my Dads fault!

My dad was devastated after letting Arnie go and he loves having the attention and focus of a dog around the house and at work. If your a dog person, you'll know they really do fill your time and give you focus and so much love. Especially when we have all been stressed out at work and I have found it tricky to stay on track, the simple things like a snuggle in bed with Betty Boo is worth so much. 

Now I am not going to lie here and say I was over joyed at the thought of getting another dog again as it's blooming hard work. Yes they are incredible and bring so much love to your life but they also poop, pee, vom, chew and bark away at your sanity. Boo certainly is a puppy. She is only 7 months old and since getting her a month ago, she has come out of her shell and started showing us her real cheeky personality. She is so naughty!!

Right now as I type, she is plastered all over my pillows snoring away like nobodies business. She is so much fun to play with and her bark is so adorable but man does she have some crazy eyes. Unlike any Hound I have seen before, she pretty much looked like she is high most of the time. I find it hilarious to be honest but she is a beaut and such a crowd pleaser. It is very rare for us to be walking her down the street without somebody stopping us and telling us how gorgeous she is. I always say don't be fooled by those eyes hehe! She is hard work and the potty training is taking its toil on my carpet and bed sheets. That's all part of the fun right? I am now loving having her around and I think she brings such a great energy to our stressful home life. I wouldn't have it any other way now.

What do you think of the new pup? Do you have any dogs or a Beagle at home? Help me!!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. Yep. I got a beagle. Welcome to a life of him smelling food at 100 paces and being generally naughty and characterful!


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