October 02, 2014


I can't quite remember where I got the inspiration for this post but I remember reading another beauty bloggers article who narrowed down their favourite skincare brands. Now when I thought of having a go myself at writing this post, I didn't really realise how bloody hard it was going to be. As a skincare gal, I get through a lot of products and even day to day I probably use far to many products on my skin that even Mrs Hirons would be proud of. But I did it and even as I write I keep thinking of all the brands I missed out on. In no particular order, I've shared a little bit about why I love the brand and certainly given you a few products that I would highly recommend.

This is a new brand for me. Not in terms of hearing about it but certainly in trying Origins products. I have forever been lusting after so many of Origins products and finally this year, I took the sting at the Boots counter and treated myself. I can't recommend enough Origins Ginzing moisturiser to you. I love it more as a day/summer product, as it's brightening and radiant affects is well suited for the hotter months. I also love a few of their masks and their Drink Up overnight mask is just as good as everyone says it is. I would love to try a few of their problem skin solutions such as their Super Spot Remover and Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser.

Love at first sight with Caudalie back late last year when I got the chance to try the famous Beauty Elixir, which is loved all over the world by celebrities and beauty bloggers. It really is a great toner and I still use it now. I adore Caudalie's Divine Oil, Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum and the newer Polyphenol C15 Defence Serum. All of Caudalie's products are reliable and always do wonders for my skin. 
La Roche-Posay

Do I have to say much more than affordable, affective and a must have in anybodies skincare routine. For me it's all about La Roche Posay's Anthelios SPF range and Effaclar Duo+. Their suncare is innovative and genius in my eyes. They created a perfect sunscreen specifically for your skin type along with a foundation style cream compact with SPF 50+. If your a beauty fan you will know all about Effaclar Duo + and if your affect a spot treatment that actually gets to work ASAP along with helping heal your skin back to its usual self this product is for you. Buy it and see the results yourself.

A gorgeous enchanting french skincare brand that ticks all the boxes when it comes to Organic skincare. Although not sold everywhere, you can buy this brand online easily enough and I have to say it's well worth it. I love their floral waters, especially the Orange Blossom and Damask Rose scents along with their latest Rose Plumping Radiance Duo, which is a gentle bi-formula of Damask rose and rose hip oil that gives radiance to your skin along with enriching it with all the vitamins and minerals it needs.
Liz Earle

I am a huge fan of Liz Earle skincare and I have been for a long time now. I adore their Cleanse and Polish Cleanser, their Instant Boost Tonic and Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion. With no nasties and a great set of natural ingredients, you can't really go wrong with their skincare. I have to mention however that my favourite all time Liz Earle product has to be their Signature Foundation. For me I have been using this foundation for years now and I literally, hand on heart, I haven't used anything else. The foundation is my a perfect shade and it's coverage is just right. They have a great selection of shades and the price is reasonable, so swatch away.
Aurelia Pro biotic Skincare

A new brand for most, I was luckily enough to try Aurelia last year and it was love at first try. Not only is the brand a home grown success story, their products really are gorgeous. From their packaging to brand philosophy, I can't recommend you try them enough. I love their Cell Repair Night Oil and the dreamy Miracle Cleanser, which is gentle and a real treat to use. 
Indeed Labs

My final skincare brand that I couldn't leave out from this post has to be Indeed Labs. Ever since the Hydraluron serum boom that left ladies scrambling for any pot they could find, Indeed Labs have since then released two more products into the Hydraluron family. Of course I love them both, their Hydraluron sheet face masks and jelly like moisturiser. I love this brand for their affordable innovative skincare which is a must in any ladies skincare routine.

So their you have it seven brands that I adore and I think are worth giving a go if you haven't already. Of course as a skincare gal, I can't help but send a little shout out to Ren, Nivea, Emma Hardie and pretty much all of the brands that I love on this blog. It was a tough call for this post. What are your favourite skincare brands?
Hugs & Kisses
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  1. I love all of these brands too, though I'm yet to try Aurelia - the Miracle Cleanser is something I've had my eye on for a while x

    Amy / srslylou

  2. I want everything you've mentioned! I'm going to bookmark this page for Xmas present suggestions ;). Seriously though, a very interesting and well written post.
    Rebecca (a fellow skincare aficionado)

  3. Such good picks, and I couldn't agree more. Although maybe not with the Liz Earle cleanse & polish, I wasn't so fussed!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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