October 04, 2014


Now who doesn't need a little bit of me time once in a while. A few weekends ago, I took my man and I off on a little spontaneous trip, which ended up us both getting ill. Whether it was the air con, too much smoking, late nights or an OD of Burger King, I needed to get better asap for the week ahead at work. Of course I headed straight to my beauty stash and remembered I had this little box waiting for that day!

Meet my first box of British organic hand made goodness from Soak Yourself. Indulge in a bath experience that is unlike anything out there, bringing together your mind, body and soul with a ritual all in one little box. I was lucky to try Soak Yourself's Remedy Soak c/o (£25.00), which has been specifically made to help relieve you from the symptoms of a cold or at least get you back on the road to recovery. Perfect for me. 

So to the ritual. First run a hot bath and pop the kettle on for a cup of Lemon and Ginger tea, which you can find all ready and waiting in the box for you. Add the big pot of Fizzing and Foaming Bath Crystals to the bath that are made with Epsom salts and a blend of Eucalyptus and Black Pepper that smells heavenly, along with 10 drops of Eucalyptus oil, Ground Ginger powder and the star Anise that is provided. Once they are all in the bath, I can't explain how it smells apart from the aromas literally cleared my head instantly. The combination of these ingredients help unblock congestion, heal your aches and pains along with whisking you away to a better and calmer space.

Soak Yourself also provide a cute little tea light to help set the mood, this one being Leaf Lime and Ginger scented. I literally could have drifted off to sleep, as I inhaled the strong eucalyptus and my body melted. After finally dragging myself out of the bath an hour later, I felt so relaxed. I had a clear mind and my body felt loved.

Finally in the box is a little Cinnamon stick to pop under your pillow at night, which Soak Yourself say it "is believed to prevent scary dreaming as the sickness leaves your body, much like a dream catcher in Native American practises". Dreamy hey? You also get a cute little square of Blue Poppy and Eucalyptus Artisan soap for washing your little body at a later date.

If these boxes sound like they are right up your street, they do have a whole heap of other boxes that sound just as incredible, each with their own personal touch. I think they would make such gorgeous gifts for your loved ones. I would love to try their Love Soak, a bath ritual designed for two...oh yes!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. This sounds like just what I need right now, they pretty much had me and organic and hand made x

    Amy / srslylou

  2. These sound amazing..such a perfect present for someone too!


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