October 09, 2014


As a blogger, we are forever trialing so many products, especially the ones that you can't help but drop all of your old favourites for and jump straight in. When it comes to hair care I do find I am quite stuck in my old ways. I tend to use boring old shampoo on offer in Boots, I will use them right till the last drop and then I will move onto something new. I do hate waste in my old age. However as I have been blogging alot more lately (I do hope you have noticed) I have found myself being literally swallowed up by a huge amount of products that I cant physically test all at once. Trying to keep up is a blooming nightmare #bloggerproblems.

As for haircare, I have been testing quite a few on the go and I will admit I haven't been using them for that long but a good few weeks where I can give you an honest verdict. The four hair care products above are actually from three brands that I have never had the pleasure of trying before, so new for you, new for me too. Here's what they are and what I thought of them.

Weleda Oat Replenishing Treatment (£11.50, 150ml)

Made with organic jojoba, coconut and oats, this gorgeously thick hair treatment is like body butter for your hair. Rich in nutrients, you leave this product on the areas of the hair for approx 10 minutes or even over night if you prefer. I tend to use it just on my ends, as they usually need an extra moisture boost. After using this treatment, my hair actually felt amazing! It was so smooth and very soft! I would probably use this maybe once or twice a month, just as I think the product is quite thick and best for very damaged hair, which at the moment I am lucky that my hair is in good condition.

Faith in Nature Shampoo (£5.50, 400ml) & Conditioner (£5.50, 400ml)

I have been using these two together in my shower for a few weeks now and I really like them. As shampoo and conditioner goes, they completely do the job. My hair feels soft, healthy and not stripped at all. In one of my favourite scents, Lavender, I was so surprised how it didn't make my hair smell like granny pants (pardon my frankness) but felt extremely calming to use in the shower. With Lavender regulating the oil production in your scalp, this shampoo kept my hair clean and looking fresh for at least 3 days and for a gal who washes her hair too often that's alot! It's defiantly worth checking out this brand if you like organic ingredients and lovely natural scented hair products 

Spa Find Conditioning Scalp Mud (£18.00, 500g)

 A gorgeous and unusual hair treatment from Spa Find found its way swiftly after first use into my weekly regime. This product can be used just like a normal conditioner but feels like a real pampering treat. With over 21 minerals and natural Dead Sea mud, Spa Find's products are known to enrich, enhance and hydrate body and in this case, give life back to your hair. Dead Sea Mud has been blended with Coconut, Grapefruit and Peach, which helps bring a healthy natural shine to your hair along with conditioning the scalp. Although this product can be used every day after shampooing, I do admit that i have preferred to use it as a real treat to yourself to once or twice a week by covering your hair with the product and leaving it for a few minutes to really recondition your scalp. I have loved using this product and I am very intrigued to see what other mud inspired products they may have for us all! 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. I love the sound of the Weleda treatment! So far, the Faith In Nature hair products I've tried have not impressed me that much; I think the conditioners are just not conditioning enough for my dry, frizzy hair! I've still to try the coconut range which I'm hoping I will like! :) xxx
    Just Emma


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