October 08, 2014


Sometimes there are products that you just fall in love with. You skin loves them, they make you look and feel great, their an instant hit. As for skincare, I will admit, I am fairly fussy. I do tend to love me some luxurious products but I'm not afraid to try products from the drugstore or things that bloggers rave about. This month, three products literally made it straight into my skincare routine without any hesitation and surprisingly two of them are new releases.

First up is the rather beautiful By Terry Cellularose Hydra-Toner c/o (£40.00, 200ml). A huge indulgence, this clarifying toner is extremely gentle, with no nasties, alcohol free and smells like a dewy rose garden. I loved this toner after first use, as not only did it leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed it also gives a beautiful radiant glow to the skin. Unlike most toners I have used before this one softens your skin too. If it wasn't so expensive I think I would recommend to everyone but of course I am totally aware that it does hold a hefty price tag. However I love it and I think its one of the best toners I have used in a while that really does make a noticeable difference to your skin.

Even at my age, I think everyone should wear an eye cream. Its one of those stages within a beauty regime that can easily be forgotten but you know you shouldn't. I always try use an eye cream day and night, as they help combat puffiness, hydrate and give tired eyes a lease of life. The newbie in my line up is Vichy Idealia Eye Cream c/o (£23.00, 15ml). I adore this cream, it gives an instant radiance and feels extremely hydrating as soon as it touches your skin. Containing instant illuminators, Vitamins and Caffeine, if your eyes are needing a pick me up, this is the product for you. Unlike any other eye cream I have tried, this cream soothes the delicate skin around your eye and feel more awake, especially in the mornings. 

Since using this particular eye cream, the skin around my eyes looks plump and healthy even when I was feeling crappy with a kidney infection, it made me feel more alive and refreshed. I have noticed a big difference. I also must add that the applicator is also quite unusual. Its a squidgy clear plastic applicator that you can use to put the cream straight onto the eye area and as it is soft, you won't damage or irritate the delicate skin around your eye. It certainly has up'ed my eye cream game!

Finally is a La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Soothing Repair Balm c/o (£16.00, 100ml). This multipurpose balm has similar qualities to the infamous Sudocream but better in my eyes. It has a rich and non-greasy texture, the balm is also paraben free, doesn't contain any perfume, making it suitable for babies along with myself hehe and it comes in a handy travel sized tube. With a triple action formula, it soothes with 5% Vitamin B5, protects with an antibacterial action and repairs with madecassoside that stimulates the renewal of skin whilst nourishing your skin. It can be used on all sorts such as cracked or dry skin, minor everyday injures, burns, tight skin and chapped lips, personally I have been using a little on a few of my spots that need healing asap. With La Roche Posay's famous Thermal Spring Water it doesn't dry out the skin how some creams can but instead sooths and softens. I think even if you wouldn't use this on your face, its a great balm to have for little emergencies.

Do you have any new skincare must haves?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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