October 12, 2014


Its not hard for me to think why I love blogging, as every single day I am reminded of how fantastic it feels to be part of such an incredible community along with have the pleasure of high personal achievement when I see each of my posts go live. As blogging goes, you have to love it. You wouldn't do it otherwise. It has to be a raw passion. A passion that isn't easily swayed by stupid analytics or trolls that are out to hurt your feelings over jealously, as trust me people try.

Since starting LLP a few years ago now with my sister, it was just a bit of a laugh. Something that was totally new for both of us to get a little creative and do together. Goodness knows why for me it turned into way more than that but beauty became a passion of mine. Beauty pretty much took over my life and this blog is why. If you think I would have cared to cleanse a few years ago or even thought about SPF you would be looking at the old me, OMG I was a train wreck when it came to looking after my skin, it makes me cringe!

Taking on a blog is a hobby for me. It always has been and it probably always will be, however if I got the opportunity to make it a career, I'd jump at the opportunity. Not only because of the freedom and lifestyle but mainly due to the fact that I would get to write and work for myself. I could do exactly what I have always dreamt of. So what I say to you is fall in love with your blog, make it part of you. Bring life to your blog and always stay true to yourself, as it is personality and a passion that makes a blog stand out. Never feel pressured or compare yourself with anyone else, we are all different in our own ways and someone out there will love what you do.

I love you LLP! 
Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox 


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