October 19, 2014


I am sure plenty of you lovely readers will be aware that I am going through a wee twenties crisis. This may be because my facebook feed has become friend after friend getting married, having kids or travelling the world and where am I, I am here where I have always been not moving forward or back. Stalemate. Being part of a family business is incredible and honestly I wouldn't change it for the world but after almost three years in full time employment, I have to admit I need a change. 

I have probably reached my peek when it comes to my position in our flower company along with the slow and steady growth of our fragrance brand means that right now I don't have a full time role there, therefore leaving me in limbo. I am so happy and comfortable in what I do that Ive forgotten how it feels to be stretched, pushed and challenged at work. Completely out of the blue, I knew I needed to do something so I used my contacts that I have grown through blogging and went for it. I bravely threw myself into a weeks work experience at a beauty pr agency.

Now let me just tell you, I have never worked in an office before, never worked in anywhere apart from my families business, let alone never travelling in rush hour or having an hour lunch break to poodle around central London. For me this was a huge deal and even as a test for my anxiety, I pushed my self by just getting the placement!

To the week itself...I have never felt so relaxed, at home or excited to go to work with the prospect of learning something new. Yes OK mail outs, wrapping gifts or stacking the shelves of the office isn't exactly thrilling but I felt at home. I was surrounded by beauty, my favourite passion, and I had a role to play by keeping the office clogs rolling. To my huge surprise, I was also given a few press releases to write. 

Now if your a blogger, a press release is pretty much like an extremely detailed blog post, however as easy as it may sound, when you have been properly thrown into the deep end and your asked to write a press release about the four best hairstyles for the Christmas period...I certainly silently panicked. Of course I threw my all into it and managed to bloody nail it (after a few hours of course!) but this lead onto another hairstyle press release being given to me the next day. Yes, I can barely brush my hair in the morning, so I don't think I was exactly the best for the job but hey I nailed it and it felt good to hear some praise. I was over the moon to hear that I could do it and almost kicked myself for not believing i could. Not only did this give me a huge sense of achievement it also finally made me realise that i can do anything I put my mind to. I can stretch myself in an alien environment and blooming achieve. I was literally smiling like a Cheshire cat! 

I couldn't believe it when on my final day, I was given a whole heap of products and complete free reign to write a press release from scratch using what they had given to me. I had complete freedom and creativity. I was in my element. A few hours later, I had written it and got the MD to run through it with me, which then it was ready to print and send out to editors and bloggers. Yes you heard it, my writing actually went out there into the world to be read. I literally can't express how much silly things like that mean to me, as just over a year ago I couldn't even leave my bedroom and now I'm in an office doing something just for me. Taking my passion and using it.

I think if your ever thinking of trying something new, go for it. Life is too short and if you don't you'll never know. Although I had one day of anxiety ridden hell, I still kept a brave face and carried on with my duties and I proved to myself that I am stronger than I think. I didn't let it ruin anything. I am  now extremely proud of myself for following this venture and I do hope that I can carry on trying something new, whether in beauty pr or not, I just now know that I can do anything. The world is my oyster now.

Hugs & Kisses

Becki xox


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  1. Sounds great :) sometimes its worth taking a risk xxx



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