October 26, 2014


Over the last few weeks, I have had many conversations with other fabulous bloggers about why we blog, how we stay motivated and what happens when you do fall out of love with your own little space. So I wanted to take the opportunity and share with you a few thoughts on why I have loved being a blogger, the reasons why my passion writing it keeps me going and even through tough times I always go back to it.

Support from the community

The blogging community is unlike anything I have ever experienced. If you want the most lovely group of like minded people all out to support you, care for you and talk to you then you need to join the #bbloggers chats on twitter. It is through twitter and these chats specifically, I have had the pleasure of speaking to some fantastic bloggers, that like me have a passion for beauty and are just genuinely amazing people. I can't literally imagine my life without twitter now, not for the followers or utter rubbish that pops up on my feed everyday but for the people I get to talk to and over the years we have formed a relationship that means the world to me. For a gal like me that can get lonely and overwhelmed in life, I know that I am never alone when twitter is about, as there will always be a friendly face there to chat too and make me feel OK again. I feel so privileged to be part of a community that is so loving. The kindness of strangers ey?


After uni and don't laugh, you do get to the stage where you miss learning and for me i missed writing. Whether we agree with it or not, blogging is our own free way of educating ourselves. OK so an education in beauty might sound a little ridiculous to many but for me beauty blogging has taught me how to look after the body I was born in and it's become a huge passion of mine that I never knew I would develop. Beauty blogging made me realise the importance of looking after your skin, taking care of yourself inside and out and also loving the skin your in. Not only have many people and even brands given me the insight and the confidence to take forward my love for beauty and use it to inform all of you lovely people but it has also given me an education that I can pass onto others. I get so many people, friends and family who want to know what the next best thing is or what they should be buying for their makeup bags, may seem silly to some but I love it!

The opportunities of a great future

We see it literally everyday now how blogging can become a career and a full time job. I mean can you believe it, sometimes I have to pinch myself to think that one day I might get the opportunity to do work in a magazine or even run my own, create a beauty line or work within the industry unlike I ever imagined. Look at the blogging celebrities amongst us, these ladies are taking over the world, beauty lines, books, TV shows the world is their oyster. 

Now of course this will only happen for a select few of us lucky bunnies, however never sell yourself short, as being a blogger can open so many doors. For me I am now looking at working within the beauty industry and I never dreamt or even considered myself going down that road but its the road that blogging has opened for me. My blog has opened up opportunities to work with PR's ever day, inspirational brands and other like minded people and I couldn't be any happier. I am always overwhelmed how my small blog has become respected, wanted and loved by many. 

The way it makes me feel (the most important point!!)

I think out of everything I have spoken about here, without doubt this point is what makes me write every single day. I feel so proud of what I have achieved with LLP. I have never really achieved or created something completely on my own before, a space that is solely run by me and it's me who does all the blooming work make it happen. Having my blog is such a massive deal, its part of me and I love it like a baby. I feel so happy to have something like this blog in my life and to have made it fairly successful in the time I have been writing, is a huge achievement.

Blogging makes me feel like I am giving something back to others, a place to escape just like I do with many of your blogs. I have created a space for me too. When times are shitty, I can just take myself off into my room and write. Write what I want to write, without consulting anyone. Its incredible to have freedom and control to write what ever I feel like at the time and usually my best writing comes from out of nowhere! There are no rules, no one to tell you what to do, its me myself and I (and you lovely lot too!). Honestly having readers, followers and subscribers is the icing on the cake and really from the bottom of my heart, thank you for always being here and reading LLP but even if you weren't here, I'd still be writing.

What keeps you blogging? Please do join the twitter chats on a Wednesday night and Sunday, its so lovely chatting to friendly faces!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I love blogging because I have a way to express my self and my love for all things beauty. But mostly because of the new friends that I have been able to meet along the way.


  2. So many things I agree with here!
    Like you I enjoy the writing, and blogging gives me a chance to indulge and talk about exactly what I want to talk about. The online twitter community and #bbloggers chats are something I'm relatively new to, but already love.

    Jill | alittlesoapbox.com

  3. Really nice post! I started blogging as it offered me a creative outlet and it gives you the opportunity to talk to loads of like minded people :) xxx


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