October 25, 2014


This autumn I am embracing the cold and joining in with all of the cheesy wintry must haves. That means long baths, a night in watching Downton Abbey and The Apprentice or a cosy night on the sofa with your loved one. For me I blooming love a little bit of me time and I thought I'd share a few products that in my eyes make the perfect beauty pampered evening with yourself.

Of course its all about lighting those candles to set the mood and what sort of lass would I be without lighting a few of my favourite Timothy Dunn London Luxury Candles c/o (£42.00). I adore warmer scents in the Winter, so Samarkand and Arabian Fig are a must on my table. 

If your after a bit of a treat, I always give my body a good scrub down with a rough salt scrub before running myself a bath. I think the rougher the better. It always makes my skin so smooth and prepped for a relaxing hour or so in the bath. My favourite scrub at the moment is Lush Cosmetics Rub Rub Shower Scrub c/o (£8.75, 330g) as it is the perfect balance of rough mineral rich sea salt for my skin, gentle enough to have a good scrub.

A pamper night would be lost if it wasn't surrounded by a bath to relax your achy bones or relieves you from a bunged up cold. I adore The Bathory for making a perfect bath. I wrote about the brand HERE and I am still always so excited to use their product. My custom scent is a Sooth base - Pure Epsom Salts, Oatmeal, Honey and Buttermilk with the scent of Chamomile, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. An uplifting but totally dreamy scent. This base also makes your skin so soft and feels moisturised thanks to the Buttermilk and Honey. I love listening to some calming music whilst in the bath and completely switching off. Bonobo is amazing!

After bathing, a rich hydrating moisturiser is always number one and of course a firm favourite when it comes to body butter's is Korres. I could probably use any of their scents as every fragrance I have tried is dreamy. This month I've been trying Quince (£12.50, 125ml) a fruity but spicy scent hydrates dry winter skin and always leaves my skin looking healthy. For the final pamper must have, it's a face mask. I have so many favourites but Indeed Labs Hydraluron sheet mask c/o (£19.99 for 3) is the perfect mask for the cold nights and certainly to get your skin back to normal from the drying affects of central heating. This sheet mask is from their Hydraluron range, purposely made to restore the ultimate amount of moisture into your skin. They are pricey but for a pamper why not!

What are your pampering favourites?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I'm using my Masque Bar face mask today, so it's face mask day for both of us! ;) X


  2. I love a good pamper session! A face mask and a bubble bath are a must. My favourite body scrub at the moment is Natio's Wellness scrub with apricot and pomegranate; it gives such an amazing exfoliation and leaves your skin so smooth and soft. I really want to try some Korres products so I think I'll be adding some to my Christmas list! :) xxx
    Just Emma


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