November 19, 2014


Last week was a pretty exciting week for me, filled to the brim with fun blog related goodness. Now I am blogging alot more, I do feel like it has got me noticed. I have been working harder on my content and I have never loved blogging so much. Being invited to Liberty's of London was one of those highlights. At Liberty's I was invited to be part of the huge two day event of back to back masterclasses with one of Trish McEvoy's incredible make up artists and the chance to meet Trish herself, who has never actually made a visit like this to a store in London. Trish McEvoy's makeup range is huge and there is something in it for everyone. I had my eyes on the lipsticks!

Of course being a girl of simple needs and draws full of cleansers, it's the taking off of makeup that really gets me going instead of dolling myself up. Trish would call me a minimalist. I am always looking for simple, easy ways to make makeup part of my everyday, as the glamorous life of a florist means I don't need to wear makeup and most of the time can't be bothered. Makeup does tend to be mainly for nights out or a little treat for the weekends. Makeup was the sessions focus, so I went there with open arms ready to embrace a new me. 

The gorgeous lady who worked with me through a whole heap of make up tricks, do's and don'ts whilst being rather fascinated by my excitement when she brought out Trish's lovely skincare range to treat my skin was incredible so thank you Joan. We started by prepping my skin with 24hour Long Makeup Remover (£22, 125ml) then Trish's Beta Hydroxy pads (£45 for 40) which I adored and finally applied a Beauty Booster serum (£84, 30ml) with 30% hyaluronic acid. To my surprise being bare faced in the middle of Liberty's I actually felt quite empowered and proud in my own skin. Joan even said how beautiful my skin was and that she could see I clearly look after it (woop woop on the beauty blogger points!)

To the makeup, we started with Trish's Beauty Booster tinted Moisturiser in shade one, with a SPF 20 (£58) filled with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, this moisturiser has a medium coverage that could be built up over any darker spots that needed covering. We blended it into my skin for an even coverage with Trish's Professional Sponge (£7) and then added a touch of bronzer and blush my cheeks from the Golden Face Colour Palette (£22). Lightly then dusting my skin with a Translucent finishing powder (£28) which I must start doing as it created an almost soft focus on my skin.

My eyes were simple and elegant with Rose Quartz (£12) all over my lids, a feline flick of eye liner in black and a touch of High Volume Mascara (£22.50). My lips were outlined with Barely There Lip liner (£20) and finished with a light gloss. At this time I had a little beautiful admirer and it was Trish McEvoy herself and her lovely ladies who told me that I didn't need makeup as I was so beautiful (I blushed, felt embarrassed and slightly sweaty as every lady prowled on me in the beauty hall!). I didn't get to speak to Trish for very long as she had a whole room of ladies waiting for her but it was amazing to meet her!

I actually really enjoyed this tutorial with Joan as not only did Joan explain everything and show me how to do all of the makeup on me, I also had to do it myself. Joan would show me on one side of my face how to do my eyes and then I would do the other side. I must say she was rather impressed with my feline flick and I do believe mine was better than hers hehe! At the end of the session she wrote down everything we had done on an amazing makeup sheet that in my hands now, looks like a work of art! She also ran me through the beautiful new Makeup Planner that has been designed exclusively for Liberty's this year that can be filled to the brim with all of your makeup favourites in one place. 

I have since practised everything she showed me and my makeup is looking so much better and more professional. I think the problem with being a beauty blogger is that everyone always expects you to look pretty much flawless and I'm not going to lie to you, I am still learning and for me that's what makes blogging still an exciting thing to do. I am so privileged to be treated to this make up tutorial from Liberty so a huge thank you!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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