November 06, 2014


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the beautiful Heritage Suite at Liberty of London with the exciting opportunity to see and learn all about the beautiful brand that is Anne Semonin. With the driving force behind the brand being the inspirational and passionate Aline Marcadet, a Parisian who knows a few things about beauty, she has created spectacular spas all over the world and products that ooze luxury and elegance. Today Anne Semonin's beauty range and treatments are innovative and effective in enhancing natural beauty. 

New to the Anne Semonin's range this month is the exciting innovative Resurfacing Peel Mask c/o (£74.00, 75ml). The ultimate skin renewal to use at home, combines the benefits of a chemical, mechanical and biological peel. Including active AHA fruit acids from marine extracts, citrine powders and protease enzymes that help to efficiently remove any dead skin cells and smooths your skins texture. This mask also promotes radiance. 

To use the mask, you only have toy apply a thin layer to your face and neck with a brush, leave on for one to two minutes then massage into the skin in light circular motions. Then wash off. This mask like many of Anne Semonin's products are best used in between professional skin renewal treatments to enhance the effect that they will have on your skin. However if like me, you prefer doing little pamper nights at home, you don't really get much far off from the perfect at home peel with this product.

I have used this mask only once as I was a little worried that it might be too strong for my skin but wow was I pleasantly surprised. The mask itself has a very fine course texture, which when you blend into the skin, you feel it really gets your skin buffed. I lightly used small circular movements on my sensitive skin, as I was worried it might aggravate or make my skin sore. Once I washed the mask off, I have to say holy cow, I was left with a new face. My skin felt smooth, clean and I was glowing. No irritation or any dramatic redness, I was just a little bit red around some under the skin spots that were lurking around!

Another new launch from Anne Semonin is their Lipoliss Body Firming Serum c/o (£ TBC, 100ml) which is soon to hit shelves in January 2015. This firming and lifting gel like serum combines highly effective and active ingredients that tighten the skin and help improve the appearance of slakening skin. With corn flower water to tone, wheat proteins for an instant lift, brown and red algae to stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid to smooth the skin, this cocktail of ingredients all help in giving your skin a little boost. I have used this product only on my legs and bum for the last week or so and it hasn't exactly lifted but my skin looks amazing. It feels soft and supple along with looking certainly a little tighter (especially ones bottom!).

The Anne Semonin range is quite tricky to get your hands on but is available online, at most Anne Semonin spas and Liberty of London.
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  1. These sound really great, just a little out of my price range! xxx

    1. It is a pricey brand but well worth the investment if you love skincare that really does make a change to your skin xx

  2. Anne Semonin products are easily available online at and Bath and The latter even ship all over the world and this is how I get mine...delivered direct to my home in Pakistan! They are wonderful products indeed.


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