November 12, 2014


A night with a beauty brand is surely one of the dreams as a beauty blogger and it actually came true last week. A last minute email at work and I was jumping up and down on the spot. I was so ridiculously lucky to have been picked to be a guest to a private dinner with New Zealand scientific organic beauty brand Antipodes. Little old me and five other fabulous beauty bloggers had the opportunity to spend a lovely dinner with beauty expert Deborah Sampson in Covent Garden's own slice of New Zealand - Kopapa restaurant and chat beauty. Bliss (secretly dying inside of terror!)

The event was to celebrate the amazing news for Antipodes that Business Class and Premium Economy travellers to and from New Zealand will have the opportunity to enjoy Antipodes' Sky range on Air New Zealand flights across the world. Consisting of little minis from their much loved skincare range, the products on board aim to maximise hydration whilst flying and for passengers to feel refreshed once landed. If your a fan of Antipodes and have watched the brand grow - this is huge news!

Of course if your a regular reader of LLP, you may know that I suffer with pretty bad anxiety, especially when it comes to eating out. This event was probably my worst nightmare. But do you know what this was where the whole mind over matter really kicked into place and I proved to myself that I am OK, yes I might be sick with nerves but I can do things that scare me.

The evening pretty much was to consist of shits and giggles (which did in fact last over the space of a good four hours) and alot of beauty chat. Forget stuffy, scary and intimidating events, this one was super relaxed and literally the most fun I have had in a while. These gals were amazing! I had the pleasure of meeting some beautiful bloggers, one who I have been a fan of for many years, Meg from Wonderful You Blog whilst enjoying the company of the brand representatives who too where completely up for a laugh. As an achievement to myself, I couldn't be any prouder that I threw myself into a situation that usually freaks the hell out of me. I didn't know anybody and to be honest I can safely say I was OK, I chatted away all night and felt really blessed to be sitting at that table.

Blogging for me is more than just a hobby, I breathe and live it. Most of all, it has brought a passion into my life that I never knew existed. Being invited to an event like this made me realise that my blog is loved, it is getting noticed out there in a sea full of talented fish. I may never be the next Zoella but to be honest I don't want that, I just want to be recognised as a good writer and Antipodes did that. Sometimes you do need the acceptance of others and for someone out of the blue to just remind you that what you are doing is incredible. My blog is something I created just for me. I am the one who makes it what it is, nobody else. I have to say, I couldn't be any prouder of where my blog is right now and I hope this is just the beginning of amazing things to come, even if it does scare the life out of me.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. I have the same anxiety when it comes to eating out too and 'general social anxiety.' I've been seeing how well you're doing (generally through instagram,) and I'm so pleased for you!



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