November 30, 2014


Today is the last night I am going to spend at home. Moving out at my age isn't anything new and certainly for me, this isn't the first time I have lived away from home. However this time it feels different. I am moving away to hopefully start my own life and fingers crossed I'll never have to move back home. In an ideal world, this will be the last time I will have to move all of my stuff out of my parents house, create chaos in the hallways and always happen to forget to wash up! Now I am out there on my own.

It's been a tough week with work dragging every little last piece of energy out of me and I feel like I haven't been able to enjoy the prospect of moving out or do all those silly things like a trip to Ikea or furniture shopping. I am literally moving into a new place only with my bags in hand with aporox 50% of that being my beauty stash (and empties!) I don't even have any furniture yet! I can't wait though to start building a home and hopefully it will be perfect, as I do love a bit of interior design. Luckily I am not moving too far away from home but it's enough to feel like I have to now be independent and not to rely on my family. Exciting but extremely scary. 

I am going to miss living with my family and little Betty Boo. Just not having them there to have a quick chat too or ask for their opinion or just make a cuppa for, it will certainly be strange. It's a time for me to find my own feet and create the life I want to live. Of course I'll be seeing them pretty much everyday as we all work together so hopefully Mooma can bring me in a pack lunch hehe as I can't really cook and the rent is so expensive I'm going to be on super noodles I'm sure of it!

Wish me luck!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox

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