December 09, 2014


As Winter takes it's toll on my hands, I have been fighting back with this amazing french duo from Les Couvent des Minimes. In this duo, find Les Couvent des Minimes' Gardener's Hand Healer c/o (75ml, £9.00) and their Gardener's Nail and Cuticle Cream c/o (15ml, £7.00). 

Being a florist during the day, we basically work outside, in and out of water and of course predominately with our hands. This job in the Winter is pretty much torture and the state of my nails and hands right now has actually become painful. With this duo, they are perfect to keep in your bag especially the little cute Nail and Cuticle cream, which is pretty small but jam packed with goodness. They both are packaged in simple silver metal tubes and their texture is thick enough to soak straight into your skin with no greasy residue. The Hand Healer Cream is 20% Shea Butter so it is very soft to touch and smells sweetly herbal due to seven plant extracts including Mimosa, Verbena and Lemon Balm. The Nail and Cuticle blends 30% Shea Butter and Apricot Kernel Oil that heals and protects damaged nails and help them to become stronger.

Together they have not necessarily cured my hands but they are certainly on their way to looking better. The two creams have certainly healed the chapped areas on my fingers and my nails are looking healthier.

Have you got a favourite nail and hand cream this Winter?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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  1. I'm enjoying using Faith In Nature's coconut hand cream, but I'm after something a little heavier and hard-working. This duo sounds great! xxx


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