January 23, 2015


And I am back! 

I am so sorry loyal readers for the silence over the last month or so, I can't really explain the silence apart from saying that it just kinda happened. Even though I haven't been posting for a while, I have to say you have constantly been a huge support to not only to LLP but to me personally too. I announced on twitter that I was going to be back in some shape or form in February, so here is a little teaser. I have started to get my act together, get inspired and start typing again with no real plan. As you can probably tell, I am having a little re-shuffle of my blog layout and style, so bare with me until I get it right, as I am DIY'in it for now. This means there may be teething problems, the site might just break down and I will certainly take a while to get a schedule together. I will try and keep the blog as consistent as I can.

I am still working out what LLP is going to be this year, as if you remember back to late last year, I was struggling with not only the big move into a new flat but also where LLP was going to fit into my new life. After taking some time away, I started to realise why I even began LLP and it was because is was a place for me, a place to think, spill out my thoughts, along with finding a space that was just for me and no one could tell me if I was right or wrong. It's a space I could turn to at any hour of need. 

Alot has changed in my life over the last few months but I have promised myself to fall back in love with LLP. I am unsure if it will be the same, beauty or no beauty? I have just decided to write about anything and everything that makes me tick. I'll try not share my obsessive love of Doctor Who or how I still cant believe Gossip Girl was Dan!! But you catch my drift, this blog needs to feel exciting again for me. 

I didn't really get to write about the new year, let alone my thoughts on last year but for now I want to take this opportunity to thank you, you my followers, readers and friends. Thank you for your constant support and the fact that even though I have been a little lost these past few months, it's you that has given me the courage to not just throw in the towel, but to allow LLP to grow with me. I hope that LLP will carry on inspiring and bring a little bit of light to your lives as well as mine. To 2015, this is going to be my year (whatever the hell that might mean!)

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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