March 26, 2015


Another shopping trip! It happens! At the moment, I'm not really inspired to do all those usual things I love doing in London. Since giving up my Tate membership, Ive lost the love for taking myself off to a gallery on a Sunday morning and spending a day doing things I used to love. instead I seem to have become a little addicted to spending money that I cant actually really afford. So many hauls to come!

This weeks haul is from the most desirable store to shop on in London - & Other Stories. Not only did I end up spending money on beauty in this store, I treated myself to an amazing coat and dress of dreams, when in London! To the beauty...

Picking up & Other Stories own brand, I always love testing out all of their fragrances, which I would say they are known for and they never let you down. I feel in love with their Body Souffle formula a while back and I treated my bod to their Fig Fiction (£10.00) and Botanic Whisper (£10.00) Body Souffle's. The texture is a rich fluffy style moisturiser that sinks into the skin leaving supple skin. The Fig Fiction is a gorgeous fig scent with subtle hints of rose whilst Botanic Whisper is a floral citrus scent of orange blossom and tangerine. Bliss. 

Finally I bought a scent that I think is their latest launch perfect for summer, Floral Memento's body wash (£5.00, 350ml). Dusty violets and peonies is how its described, you know that sounds like a florists dream and it really is a delicate floral blend that even excited a fussy fragrance gal. I love these body washes as they are so handy in a pump bottle in the shower. I tend to always keep their bottles and reuse them for shampoo and conditioner as I just don't know why all products for the shower aren't in pump bottles. Makes life so much easier.

Have you taken a trip to & Other Stories recently?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



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  2. This is so random! I'd never heard of & Other Stories, and then my friend took me there in Hamburg and I utterly fell in love. Suddenly, now I'm aware of it, it's all over the blogosphere! Its so gorgeous and I wanted to buy everything.

    Jo xx
    She Wears Burgundy

    1. Its one of the best shops! I love their beauty range and they have such a variety xx


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