March 28, 2015


I have an extensive collection of cleansers growing in my cupboards. For me its the most important stage of your skincare routine and that's the part that I enjoy the most. Coming home, taking off your daily makeup and getting your skin prepped for a whole heap of amazing skincare is bliss. If you don't cleanse properly your skincare after will never be as affective as it should be. You wouldn't layer on hand cream on muddy hands now would you?

In the last few months I have been trying to test out a few new cleansers in my routine and of course keeping some old favourites in there too. Popped into the mix again is one of my all time favourite Micellar Waters from Nuxe. Their Micellar Rose Petal Cleansing Water (£14.50, 200ml) is so gentle, unlike any water I have used before. It is soft on your skin and feels like it re-hydrates instantly whilst removing any dirt or makeup. I like to use it mainly at night or when I get home if I have hardly got any makeup on as it provides the perfect base for the rest of my skincare. Compared to the holy grail Bioderma Micellar Water, I prefer the way this water leaves your skin, so smooth and nourished.

I have never really invested in Cleansing Oils before and so when I got the chance to try the cult classic DHC Deep Cleansing Oil c/o (£21.50, 200ml) I was intrigued to find out what I had been missing. This cleansing oil is a blend of Olive Oil and Rosemary leaf oil, which instantly dissolves makeup and I must say, leaves your skin very clean. I have been using this as a first cleanse for a few months now and it's a great product. The very handy packaging, I love a product with a pump, means its easy to use with just one pump into your hand and massage it straight into your skin. It is really good for getting off stubborn eye makeup and feels actually quite nourishing, where I thought a cleansing oil might leave you feeling greasy.

Another latest edition to my skincare cleansers is the Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil c/o (£28.00, 100ml). I got this cleansing oil in an unexpected goody bag free with my latest Space NK purchase and it's a great little product! Omega rich, this cleanser removes impurities with no fuss and feels very gentle on your skin. It doesn't feel like it strips your skin at all but instead leaves a clean radiant complexion. Out of the two oils, I prefer DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, as I like the thicker texture and I think it removes makeup quicker than the Nude Oil.

Do you have any new cleansers to your routine this month?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I love the DHC Cleansing Oil & have repurchased it so many times. It is wonderful at removing makeup & I like how silky smooth and clean it leaves my skin

    1. Me too! Its such a nice texture to melt away makeup xx

  2. I got a small bottle of the DHC oil a little while ago and I really like it. Using it to take off my face after a hard days work is as you said, bliss x

    Amy / srslylou

    1. It always gets off my makeup much quicker than just using my usual cleanser xx


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