March 21, 2015


Today's post is all about a new discovery. Orofluido hair mask c/o (£11.90,  250ml) is a moisturising mask suited for coloured and natural hair that helps combat damaged hair. I have been trying out quite a few hair masks for an up and coming post but I had to share this one on it's own as it's impressive.

The mask itself is a silky style texture that you glide all over your hair in the shower and leave on for a few minutes, 5- 7 to be precise. Once you wash the mask off, your hair feels extremely nourished and super soft. As a messy hair gal, I find my hair is always the perfect texture after a few days of washing and this masks keep my hair still feeling clean.

The main reason why I was really impressed with this mask is the affect it has on my colour. About a month ago I had my hair re-coloured with a richer brown to mask up my brown puddle water natural locks. To be honest I never really noticed the change in colour as it was so subtle. However this mask completely heightened my colour and brought my hair to life.

Have you found the dream hair mask yet?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox

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