March 03, 2015


I got the chop! If you have been following my latest hair drama's last year I got the chop to the good old fav amongst the blogging community - the shoulder length bob. Well this year, I thought screw it I'll go for a cut that is even shorter. Now I had the shock of my life when literally inches and inches of my hair had been hacked off, leaving me with barely enough hair to tie at the back. I wanted short but not THAT short. Right now my hair is a slight a-symmetric look to it, with longer ends at the front just below my shoulders and the back just covers my neck. I promise I'll try and get a hair feature up on the blog soon.

You would think that having short hair gets rid of all that high maintenance hair care, which to my surprise is total crap. I have never had to style, care and brush my hair so much in my life. When you have long hair, it does matt and knot easily at the ends but with my new do, this baby gets seriously knotty. I now know the true look of bed hair.

To fight these knotty haystacks, especially the shorter hair at the back, which usually looks like tumbleweed, I have three go to brushes that singly or together get my unruly hair looking fresh. Firstly when my hair is wet, I use the trusty Wet Brush c/0 (£11.99) in the shower before washing off my conditioner to get through any nasty knots. This brush was a real surprise to me, as it gets through knots with no effort and the bristles are very soft on your scalp.

When my hair is dry I like to use the Airmotion brush c/o (£11.95), which similar to the best selling Tangle Teezer, my hand bag must have, it is curved to fit your hand. The bristles are quite sharp on my head but they glide through my hair leaving it soft and shiny. As mentioned my favourite by far is always the Tangle Teezer (£10.99) as it is handbag friendly, easy to use and is always the softest brush to get out the toughest of knots. 

What's your favourite brush for getting rid of those stubborn knots? 

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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