March 22, 2015


Does age matter, is one of those questions that seems to be following me like the plague. Soon I'll be turning the huge age of 25, a quarter of a century, I cant help but ask myself if I am where I wanted to be.

When you are growing up, I believe you make all these big dreams on where you want to be by a certain age. At 22 years old my mum was married and building a life with my dad in Spain, whilst I look at my little sister and at 22 years old she is about to have a baby. Here I am just plodding along at the grand old age of 24. Have I achieved everything I wanted...hell no but also my life has taken turns, speed bumps and certainly roundabouts that I could have never dreamt of.

I have always wanted a career and to build something that will sustain my future and I believe that working with my family, we are slowly doing that. Although I love working, I feel like I need more, I need to travel, I need to see what else is out there. Until now, I have never really factored in the want for my own family, as I am reaching 25, I do wonder if that is something I want. Right this second I don't feel settled enough for it and most importantly I don't think I could even afford it! I mean how would I live without buying crazy over priced Nike exclusives hehe.

OK so I am not ready for my own family but am I ready to travel. Can I afford to travel? Am I brave enough to travel? Having anxiety has been a huge factor and made a massive impact in everything I have done over the last years. It has left me in no-mans land for so long. But maybe now is the time to push myself, as I am only getting older. So what does turning 25 mean to me? I have no idea yet but for now, I need to do more, be more and get out there.

Do you think 25 is an age where you should know what you want from life? Is it a year to make decisions?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


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