March 08, 2015


Today marks my 50th Sunday Love post and I can't believe it's got to this massive milestone already!

Starting last year, as a post where I could share my love for writing lifestyle posts, love for other blogs and advice for fellow bloggers, Sunday Love has become my favourite post to write each week. It's a post that I feel free to share and write anything I like and most importantly it is where I can share a little part of me.

When your a blogger, personality and difference is everything. I have no idea the magic formula to make it within the blogging world but for me, being yourself and sharing your passion means everything. Without my Sunday Love lifestyle post, my blog was just beauty. Although beauty is my passion, writing about things I feel and what I personally am affected by makes LLP a better blog.

I think thats why I have become so interested in social media platforms like Instagram, as not only do they give you a place to share more of you, they are a diary of your life. I know I use mine not only for LLP but for me. I love sharing my pictures of footy, my pup Betty Boo and reiterate my love for beauty. Not everyone makes their Instagram personal but I like to share real fragments of my life so you get to know me that little bit more.

Reading through some of my Sunday Love posts are like fragments of a diary. Some have been hard to re-read and some show me how far I have come. I wanted to share a few my favourites below and thank you for being here for me and always reading LLP. 

I think a huge problem arises when we start sharing parts of our lives online. Just like many other bloggers that have shared snippets of their lives through their blogs, people can easily get the wrong impression or think they know everything about you but deep down we must always remember it's never the full picture....

Stats aren't everything. Now I am going to share with you the truth here, I never look at my stats on my blog, as to be honest they aren't great. They are steady but realistically, if I looked everyday I would probably be thinking my blog is a waste of time...

I couldn't believe it when on my final day, I was given a whole heap of products and complete free reign to write a press release from scratch using what they had given to me. I had complete freedom and creativity. I was in my element...

For years I have been so scared to tell anyone what has been going on and how I feel about sickness. I was so worried they would just laugh or just not get it. It wasn't until earlier this year when I opened up to my family and friends when I was in a very dark place. This time last year and I could see that my anxiety was scaring my family...

Last week, I had a pretty tough time after a few blog events up in London. I went there in high spirits, excited to learn all about the new products launching, by the time I left (well legged it out of there) I felt inadequate, lonely and overwhelmed...

Being twenty something is a strange age to be. I am 6 years till I'm 30, I am closer to my teenage years than I'll ever be but its the next few years that will shape who I become and my life choices are detrimental. Well why is it that I still feel like a kid...

Lets push for another 50 Sunday Love posts!

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I love these Sunday posts - its like a little window into what you've been up too & a chance for you to connect with your readers. Here's to 50 more x

  2. I love your Sunday posts too; they're usually the ones I comment on. I feel like I've grown with you over the year you've been doing them! You might not know this but you really do have a way with words. As Vicki says, here's to 50 more Sunday Loves!
    Rebecca |The Two Twenty Somethings

    1. Thank you rebecca, that means so much to hear. I love writing and especially lifestyle posts! Thank you for always commenting too xx


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