March 19, 2015


When it comes to skincare, I think it can become a bit of an obsession for us beauty bloggers. I know I probably spend way too much money on products that I don't really need. However sometimes the more affordable skincare products can get overlooked.

A range that I think is not only affordable but good quality that won't break the bank is Superdrug's Vitamin E range. I have tried a few bits from this range and these two by far are my favourite.

To start their Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser c/o (£4.99, 200ml). A lot of brands are making hot cloth cleansers, which are the best cleansers for keeping my skin balanced and removing daily grime. Called a hot cloth cleanser, it basically means it's a cream based cleanser, which you remove with a warm muslin cloth. If your like me, I always use a hot cloth to remove all of my cleansers whether oil, balm or milk so the hot cloth part is irrelevant its just a more efficient way of removing the cleanser to see the best results.

For the price, I was pretty shocked how much I like this cleanser. It's a basic simple formula rich in Vitamin E that helps defend against environmental damage and the thick creamy texture is perfect for a morning cleanse. It doesn't have a whole list of exciting ingredients but for me it does the job and makes a lovely cleanse. It is just as good as plenty of other high end milk cleansers and this one is a quarter of the price. If your new to cleansing, try this one to start as it's a great simple one for normal to dry skin. I'd even say it's gentle enough for sensitive skin.

The second product is a great little bargain Superdrug's Vitamin E Sugar and Oil Body Scrub c/o (£4.99, 300ml). This scrub is quite thick with a rough texture of sea salt, sugar and blended walnut shells, so it gives you a really good scrub down. I love a rough scrub as they always tend to polish my skin and makes it silky smooth. The only thing I don't love is about it is the slightly synthetic scent, such a fragrance snob but hey you can't win them all!

Will you be trying either of these purse friendly skincare products?

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox


  1. I love a good body scrub and was looking for a reasonable priced one, so might give this a try :) xxx


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