April 30, 2015


When your a blogger, I am pretty sure you spend a majority of your time looking down a camera lens. Since starting LLP over 2 years ago, my photography has developed to mega heights. I mean I can't even bare looking at some of my earlier posts, cringe!! Since becoming a total Instagram lover, which is now my favourite social media channel, editing your photos has become so easy to do.

I still love getting the shot and most of the time editing photos just becomes a drag but as I become a bit of a hermit with my awful hormonal acne skin, editing has become my best friend in making me feel that bit more confident for putting my face out there on the internet.

I use a DLSR camera and natural lighting, which in the summer, it's no problemo but in the dreary winter, my photos usually need a lift. I do think over time you do pick up tricks and ways of photographing that makes your images but usually I like to take them near a window on a blank white background. This not only makes your images pop, they also look cleaner to the eye and less distracting, When it comes to photographing my fabulous face the same applies.

In terms of editing, I don't use any old fancy equipment, I just use Mac preview and their adjusting colour software. For me this allows plenty of room to edit. As you can see from just these three images of ma face you can see a different look can be created in seconds and it's just as easy as playing around with the colour till it looks right.

On most of my photographs, as they are usually taken inside I like to edit them by...

- Heightening the 'Exposure'. Perfect for when the light is a little lifeless and you want your photos to look bright. This brightens and blends out imperfections.

- Bring the 'Tint' up towards the pink end of the spectrum. This gives my images a warm pinky hue that I personally love and I have been adjusting on my images for a while now.

- Drawing out the 'Saturation' of images of your face always gives you a completely different feel to the photograph. If you look at the image above, taking away some of the colour heightens the dark colour of my eyes and gives the photograph a vintage feel. I like to do this to my own personal images but go for it if you love the look for you're blog.

When it comes to editing, it's personal. Play around with your images or get the perfect shot. These are only my favourite ways of editing but there is no right or wrong- just give it a go.

Hugs & Kisses
Becki xox



  1. I edit my photographs in a similar way Becki! I personally don't find I need anything fancy like Photoshop as just brightening and playing about with the contrast is enough for me. I use Windows but I think this would be really helpful for anyone with a Mac! :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    1. Indeedy. I think lighting is key and a little brighter can't do anyone any harm :) Becki xx

  2. I usually just edit the brightness of mine, but I am still learning. I love the different the saturation being pulled down has made on the image - it really makes your eyes pop! I've re-read this post a few times now, so hopefully I'll be able to edit my pictures better now!

    1. Thank you! Im so glad it might be helpful. I am no expert but its worth just playing around with the colours until you find your own style. Becki x


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